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Amano Shrimp vs Ghost Shrimp

By Snaketracks / February 7, 2021

Amano Shrimp vs Ghost Shrimp There are some differences between Amano Shrimp and Ghost shrimp that are pretty significant. If you are wondering which species of shrimp might best suit your tank, Amano Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp are the most popular amongst aquarists. They are both small, bottom-feeding fish that will help clean your tank. […]


Amano Shrimp Care

By Snaketracks / February 6, 2021

Amano Shrimp Care Amano shrimp care is fairly easy since these are hardy crustaceans that eat pretty much anything and can handle a wide range of ph levels. If you’re looking for a great algae-eater or tank cleaning crew, look no further than these. If you are planning to have them as tank mates they […]