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Snake Species [A Huge List]

By Snaketracks / June 3, 2019

Listed below are the known snake species from across the globe broken down by scientific and common names. Above the list are the snake species we have covered and created care sheets for to help you in caring for your snake. If you notice we are missing a species or would like to contribute information […]


How to build a Custom Snake Enclosure

By Snaketracks / May 31, 2019

Building your own custom Snake enclosure can be a rewarding project. At the same time it can also let you completely customize the appearance and size of your enclosure while possibly saving you thousands of dollars over buying from the store. Below is an example of how to correctly build and full-function custom enclosure. The […]


The Complete Snake Breeding Guide (with Videos)

By Snaketracks / May 16, 2019

Many snake enthusiasts and pet owners are interested in learning more about captive snake breeding. Breeding Snakes is a complex process but can be extremely rewarding if you have the correct information. If you would like to breed your snakes there are several steps you should take. The steps are all outlined below. Feel free […]