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Blue Iguana

By Snaketracks / October 1, 2021

The blue iguana is a lizard endemic to the Grand Cayman island. The lizard is called the blue iguana because of its blue coloration. The blue iguana used to be considered a subspecies of the Cuban iguana (C. nubila) but has since been reclassified as a separate species. They are also known as the Grand […]


Rhino Iguana

By Snaketracks / September 22, 2021

The Rhino Iguana is one of the coolest iguanas out there. These reptiles have horns on their dinosaur-like heads. This horn gives the species their common name which is rhinoceros iguana or rhino iguana. In all, this iguana is much easier to care for than others such as the green iguana. Regardless, rhino iguana care […]


Green Iguana 

By Snaketracks / September 18, 2021

The green iguana is one of the more popular lizards kept as pets. Although known as the green iguana, this lizard comes in a variety of colors. The color of the iguana is dependent on geographic origin, age, health, mood, social status, and even temperature. Throughout a typical day, the reptile may display a variety […]


Iguanas in Mexico

By Snaketracks / August 2, 2021

There are 19 species of iguanas in Mexico including Spiny tales, Chuckwalla’s, and several others. This animal has become somewhat of a cultural staple. In fact, iguana meat is a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. As much as we would like to delve into some delicious recipes, we’re here to talk about the different iguana […]


Best Pet Iguanas

By Snaketracks / May 3, 2021

The Best Pet Iguanas for beginners are the Green Iguana and the Desert Iguana. That being said, iguana’s are not the easiest reptiles to keep as a pet. If you didn’t already know, there are about 35 recognized species of iguanas. You should do your research, check them out, and figure out which pet iguana […]


Types Of Iguanas

By Snaketracks / September 24, 2020

Types Of Iguanas These prehistoric-looking lizards are a genus of herbivorous lizards native to tropical areas of Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean islands, Fiji and Madagascar. The University of Florida also reports that iguanas are running free in south Florida due to people setting their pets loose. Interesting Facts About Iguanas Iguanas have […]