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Steppe Lizard

By Snaketracks / February 10, 2020

Steppe Lizard Care Sheet The Steppe Lizard makes for an excellent pet lizard for reptile lovers for both a new owner or an experienced one. For a small lizard species, which often tend to be skittish, they accept being held quite well. Most small lizards are extremely shy and elusive. On the other hand, the […]


Jeweled Lacerta (Ocellated Lizard)

By Snaketracks / October 15, 2019

Jeweled Lacerta Care Sheet The bright green jeweled lacerta is also known as the ocellated lizard. These lizards have blue eyes and sparkling spots that line their back in a rosette pattern. Although they are quite large lizards, with males reaching lengths of two feet, they are light in weight. Additionally, they are active diurnal […]