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Toys For Bearded Dragons to Play With

Toys are a great way to stimulate your bearded dragons and give them plenty of exercise and stimulation. There aren’t many toys out there specifically made for beardies, so what do you as an attentive owner do for your wonderful little dragons? Below is a list of toys for beardies to play with.

Do Bearded Dragons Like to Play with Toys?

They sure do, and here are several toys that bearded dragons can play with. Before we get started though, let’s keep in mind not all beardies are the same. Your little dragon may not like to play with everything on the list, and it may take a little bit of time to catch their interest, but with patience and persistence, playtime will be an exciting time for you and your little buddy.

Best Toys for Bearded Dragons

1. Have a Ball

If you have a tennis ball or something about that size laying around, roll it on the ground in front of your beardie. You might be surprised to find your pet likes to chase it across the floor. The more colorful it is the more enticing it may be for your beardie.

Be Patient

Playing will balls seems to be hit and miss with some bearded dragons. Don’t expect them to play fetch either, they will likely chase it until it stops then lose interest until it rolls across the ground again. Also, be sure the ball is not too big or too small; you don’t want something that can be a choking hazard.

2. Laser Pointer Fun

That frantic, bright red dot on the ground isn’t just for cat owners anymore. Beardies love to chase laser pointers too; the popular opinion is they think it’s a delectable insect ready for devouring. Just be careful not to play for long periods, because most beardies will chase the laser pointer until it is exhausted.

3. Reward Your Beardie’s Play With Treats

Bearded Dragon eating Pinworms
Bearded Dragon eating Pinworms taken by

Bearded dragons can expend a lot of energy chasing laser pointers all around, so to keep them from getting aggravated and exhausted, drop a food treat next to them once in a while during the play session. Chasing after the laser pointer also triggers the food response, so setting down a treat on occasion keeps them interested.

Don’t Overdo It

Beardies have been known to chase laser pointers until they are utterly exhausted, so it’s best to keep these play sessions limited to 5 to 10 minutes at a time. This is a great exercise for them, and exceptional entertainment value for owners, just be sure to keep it lighthearted and fun.

4. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Another fun way to watch your beardie play is to place a small mirror in your reptile’s tank. At your local pet store, find a small animal mirror, like for pet birds, and set it in the tank for a short period.

Start this in their tanks where they are comfortable so you can gauge their reactions. When they see what appears to be another dragon, they may bob their heads, blacken their beards, or even wave their arms.

Small Doses of Fun

Only do this a few minutes at a time every 3 or 4 days. You don’t want to put the mirror in their enclosure all the time as this could cause undue stress to your dragon. Bearded dragons are typically solitary creatures, and seeing other dragons all the time could cause them to feel stressed out, but small doses of activity can be normal. 

5. Small Water Floats

How about a relaxing float after bathtime? After your beardie is nice and squeaky clean, put a float in the bathwater and let them chill on top of the water for a few minutes. Make sure the float is big enough to fit your dragon’s body and watch your pet relax like they’re living the tropical life.

Your dragon will be the envy of all dragons while floating on top of the water after a nice, soothing bath. Be sure to keep the water warm, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celcius), and give your pet about 5 minutes of tropical float time for some great stimulation for your bearded dragon. 

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6. Dragons Like to Tunnel

Bearded dragons like to burrow sometimes to either escape threats, if they are too hot, or when exploring. Tunnels are a great way to introduce more exercise and stimulation for your dragons. 

Small animal tunnels are a great alternative for bearded dragons as well. They may want to hide away or just rest inside the tunnels. For extra stimulation and exercise, drop in an insect or piece of food at one end of the tunnel and watch your dragon chase it down and gobble up the treat.

7. Hammock Central

If your dragon resides in a larger tank, a hammock might be a great item to introduce into your pet’s cage. Your beardie will think they’re in a tropical paradise when they stretch out in their new hammock.

Beardies Love Hammocks

Putting a hammock up to relax in may help them to feel safe and comfortable. You may find that the hammock is their new favorite place to chill after a hard day of chasing pesky insects.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to create your own hammock from scratch if you’re feeling creative or inspired, but you can also just buy one online! We recommend the one by ZooMed.

8. Rocks and Climbing Toys

Introducing new items into their tank will help keep them from getting bored. Just like we need to change the scenery on occasion, adding new climbing rocks or branches for your dragons will stave off boredom.

They also love to climb, so changing up the enclosure every now and then is good for your dragons. If you put them by your staircase, they might even try to climb those!

9. Cat Toys

Small, colorful, cat toys can stimulate your dragon’s senses as well. The bright, sparkly toys look a lot like insects and these inexpensive toys may excite your dragon more than the cats they are originally designed for.

Try Out Cat Wands

Cat wands can be a way to have your beardie chase something and get exercise as well. Dangle the end of the wand in front of your dragon and watch them try and catch it. Just be sure to give a treat every now and then to reward the extra effort.

10. Make Your Own Toy

For the DIY pet owner, you can make treat balls. Purchase a Wiffle ball or a small pack of them, cover most of the holes with clear tape, you want to leave one or two openings free so the insects can come out. Then drop your beardie’s favorite insect treats inside.

Put the ball in front of your pet and watch as your pet attacks, rolls, and knocks the insects out of the ball as they try to devour the toy.

The stimulation here is similar to the hunt in the wild. Insects will try to hide away from the predator, but as your beardie knocks the ball around the stray insect or two will inevitably fall out. The reward is the food, and the sense of a job well done.

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11. Take Them Outside

This really isn’t a toy, but taking your bearded dragons outside is wonderful for them, and a great bonding experience for you. When it’s warm and sunny out, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celcius), leash up your dragons and take them for a walk.

Here’s a basic leash and cool leash with dragon wings you should check out

Sunlight is Great for Dragons

Natural sunlight is wonderful for your dragons, they need lots of UVB light, and nothing beats all-natural sunlight. They will get plenty of stimulation by exploring new surroundings and lots of fresh air. Just be sure to carry your pet if they start to get tired.

Other Considerations for Outside

Keep your dragons away from areas that are known to use pesticides like flower gardens, or yards that get regular pesticide or fertilizer treatments as these are not good for your pets.

Toys are a great way to enrich your pet’s life and introduce exercise and stimulation. Playing with your dragon every day will strengthen your bond, and have them living a happy and healthy long life. Be sure to reward play with food or treats, and not to engage them for too long to prevent exhaustion.

Wrapping Up

All in all, keeping your beardie happy, healthy, and entertained can significantly increase the quality of their lives.

Sometimes you can’t be too sure what toys they may or may not enjoy and it might also be a hit or miss, depending on your individual dragon. Try out the things on our list and find out which one suits your beardie the most.

Playing with them can also be a rewarding experience for us as pet owners. It is always nice to see our beloved pets happy and living their best lives.

If we missed anything or you simply have a question or comment for us, leave it in the comment section down below.

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