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Best Pet Gecko

By Snaketracks / June 1, 2020

Best Pet Gecko The best pet gecko Geckos are the ones you choose ultimately. They make good pets are smart and docile and have pleasant personalities. They are also hardy and easy to maintain. There are over 1,600 different species of geckos but the ones that are most often kept as pets are usually under a foot […]


Sarasinorum Gecko

By Snaketracks / January 27, 2020

Sarasinorum Gecko Care Sheet The Sarasinorum Gecko is a popular choice for reptile pet starters. These cute, lively creatures, with their large, curious eyes are sure to charm and provide amusing hours of interaction and observation. Healthy pet geckos are alert and adventurous. And these smaller types of lizards take different colors during the day. […]


Argentine Tegu

By Snaketracks / October 14, 2019

Argentine Tegu Care Sheet The Argentine Tegu is a large 4 feet lizard. As such, most people find them intimidating when they meet one for the first time. However, first impressions aren’t always right. Although they may be large and menacing, these gentle giants are amenable pets that are easy to tame. They have unusually […]


Chahoua Gecko

By Snaketracks / October 4, 2019

Chahoua Gecko (Chewie) Care Sheet The chahoua gecko (chewie) is the second-largest New Caledonian gecko. (The largest being the New Caledonian giant). Chewies can grow up to 10 inches. Like other New Caledonian geckos, they are arboreal and accept powdered crested gecko diet. This makes them easy to feed. And although they are nocturnal, they […]


Gargoyle Gecko Care Sheet

By Snaketracks / August 16, 2019

Native to New Caledonia, the gargoyle gecko is easy to take care of and handle. Additionally, they are tough. They are called gargoyle gecko because their coloration and the bumps on their heads (which look like ears and horns) give them the appearance of a gargoyle. Quick Reference Section Experience Level: Beginner Family: Diplodactylidae Scientific […]