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The Sandfish Skink

By Snaketracks / April 4, 2020

Sandfish Skink The Sandfish Skink (Scientific: Scincus scincus) is an interestingly beautiful type of skink with a good temperament. This skink is a sand-dweller. This lizard is of the family Scincidae. It’s native to desert regions throughout North Africa and around the southwest Asia. The Sandfish Skink is named appropriately because of its amazing ability […]


The Pink-Tongued Skink

By Snaketracks / April 3, 2020

The Pink-tongued skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii) is a lizard from the family scincidae. Easily distinguished by their pink tongues (hence the name) and striking colors, this species of skink was relatively unknown but is growing in popularity in the reptile community. They are known to be quite laid-back, friendly, and are regarded as a good beginner’s […]


Blue Tongue Skink Morphs

By Snaketracks / March 29, 2020

Blue Tongue Skink Morphs A morphism is a result of a mutation that alters the appearance but not the species or breed.  Who doesn’t love genetic anomalies that create such unique blue tongue skink morphs. Mutations do occur in the wild and need to, but unless they are an adaptive plus, the animal will quickly […]


Crocodile Skink

By Snaketracks / February 15, 2020

Crocodile Skink Care Sheet Red-eyed crocodile skinks are majestic looking skinks. The amazing red or orange rings around their black eyes make the crocodile skink quite the charmer. These popular and amazing crocodile-looking creatures are quite shy and make for a desirable exotic pet. Growing at no more than 25 cm long, the red-eyed crocodile […]


Fire Skink

By Snaketracks / February 10, 2020

Fire Skink Care Sheet The Fire Skink is a stunner in every way.  Cool color combinations of red and bronze with black speckles make them eye-catching pets. Some choose them as pets for children because of its relatively small size. Adults can be as small as just 10 inches. Read on for more about the […]


Gidgee Skink

By Snaketracks / December 3, 2019

Gidgee Skink Care Sheet Intermediate reptile owners may find the Gidgee Skink a welcome addition to their home. It’s an interesting choice of pet to care for. If you prefer smaller-sized reptiles, the Gidgee is a great choice since it grows up to one foot or less on average. The species is not dangerous, making […]


Blue Tongued Skink

By Snaketracks / November 25, 2019

Blue Tongue Skink Care Sheet The Blue Tongue Skink (BTS) is one of the easiest pet lizards to care for. Many top lizard hobbyists regard it as one of the best large pet lizards to have. It may not be as popular as other well-known pet lizards like small dragons, geckos, iguanas, or chameleon but […]