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How Much Do Leopard Geckos Cost?

By Snaketracks / April 30, 2021

Leopard Geckos are popular pets. This is because they are gorgeous and likable geckos. They are also quite easy to care for. This makes them perfect for herp enthusiasts of all ages. However, before you buy or adopt a leopard gecko you need to know the costs involved. These costs include the price of the […]


Uroplatus Sikorae Care

By Snaketracks / February 6, 2021

Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko Care Uroplatus Sikorae Care involves a similar amount of effort compared to other geckos, but they don’t make great handling pets. They can be a little sensitive, particularly to humidity and temperature. As you read the article you’ll learn about their species and then will get an in depth breakdown of all […]


Viper Gecko Care

By Edward Hodsdon / January 19, 2021

Viper Gecko Care Sheet Viper gecko care can be a rewarding experience for novice reptile keepers. These small desert-dwelling geckos are relatively easy to care for and can be great fun to observe. They have beautiful, distinctive coloring and can also be housed in larger communal groups. Here’s our complete guide to caring for your […]


Crested Gecko Setup

By Snaketracks / September 28, 2020

How to create a Crested Gecko Setup Creating the perfect crested gecko setup is part of the fun of owning one of these little guys. Below is a step by step guide with a supply list of what you need to set everything up well so that your beardy can live a long and healthy […]


Crested Gecko

By Snaketracks / September 28, 2020

Crested Gecko Care Sheet Also known as the eyelash gecko, the crested gecko was thought extinct until 1994 when they were rediscovered. Ever since they have grown in popularity especially as pets. This is because they are easy to care for, and fun to watch and interact with. Since these pets can live up to […]


Hawaiian Lizards (7 Species)

By Snaketracks / July 27, 2020

Lizards In Hawaii All Hawaiian Lizards are common ones which were introduced species. One lizard that was native to Hawaii, the cooper striped blue-tailed skink, also known as Hawaiian skink (Emoia impar) was declared extinct in 2013 but the last confirmed sighting in the state of Hawaii was on the Na Pali coast of Kauai […]


Neon Day Gecko

By Snaketracks / July 5, 2020

Neon Day Gecko Care Sheet Neon day geckos are restricted to a very small area in bamboo forests in North West Madagascar.  They are rare and were only discovered and described in 1990. Day geckos are a common name for a group of over 60 species of small lizards that vary in size, appearance, and […]


Best Pet Gecko

By Snaketracks / June 1, 2020

Best Pet Gecko The best pet gecko Geckos are the ones you choose ultimately. They make good pets are smart and docile and have pleasant personalities. They are also hardy and easy to maintain. There are over 1,600 different species of geckos but the ones that are most often kept as pets are usually under a foot […]


Flying Gecko

By Snaketracks / February 23, 2020

Flying Gecko Care Sheet The flying gecko, also known as the gliding gecko or parachute gecko, is a small, quirky and fascinating creature. The spry little reptile is called the flying gecko and have names related to flying because of its amazing ability to glide through tree to tree in the wild tropical rainforests of […]


The Pictus Gecko

By Snaketracks / January 20, 2020

Small and delicate, the Pictus Gecko makes an excellent house pet for all types of reptile pet owners. Novice owners may very well choose this Madagascar native lizard species so long as they are up to the task of providing deliberate care and handling of such a fine creature. Read on to know more about […]

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