The Complete Snake Breeding Guide (with Videos)

By Snaketracks / May 16, 2019

Many snake enthusiasts and pet owners are interested in learning more about captive snake breeding. Breeding Snakes is a complex process but can be extremely rewarding if you have the correct information.

If you would like to breed your snakes there are several steps you should take. The steps are all outlined below. Feel free to send us more information if you would like to add it to the description we have below:

Snake Breeding

Items Needed

  • Lay Box –
  • container(s) for incubator
  • lotrimin powder (antifungal powder)
  • egg incubator
  • laying substrate (pearlight (a little cleaner), vermiculite ,tropical soil mixed with moss)
  • egg incubation material (Perlite, or vermiculite (mix with roughly 50% water))
  • water
  • marker (to mark the top of the eggs)
  • temperature probe
  • frozen pinky mice(for first feed after hatching)

Determining Sex

One of the first steps you will need to take is to determine which sex your animals are.

In many cases if you own captive bred species you should easily be able to know what sex your animals are right from the time of purchase.

With wild caught species, and newborn species it is often necessary to physically determine the sex by checking your snakes.

In some snake families the tail is longer and stouter in the males. The most common method however is to probe the the snake with a sexing probe.

When they are not sexually active the hemipenes of the mail snake lie inverted in a sheath situated in the base of the tail just posterior to the vent.

By inserting a probe into the vent and pushing it gently in the direction of the tail tip it is possible to pass it inside up to ten subcaudal scales in males, but normally only two or three scales in the females.

Determine The Reproductive Cycles Of The Species

After determining whether or not you have both a male and female of the same species the next step is to find out the natural reproductive cycles of your particular species.

Depending on the origin and type of snakes you are attempting to breed they may need unique conditions in order to stimulate the reproductive cycle.

This is often completed by adjusting the temperatures and light period levels to match the natural conditions. Most snake species breed once per year upon reaching sexual maturity.

The best way to stimulate breeding in your snakes is to closely match the natural reproductive cycles of your species in its natural habitat.

Stimulating Courtship

Once you have stimulated the correct reproductive cycle for your species the next thing you need to do is introduce at least one male and one female to one another.

Often it is best to keep male and females apart until you are ready to stimulate the breeding cycle as most snakes in the wild are most commonly solitary for the majority of the year.

In the wild several males will often converge on a receptive female after following her scent trail.

Once the snakes are ready to mate the male will often entwine his body with the female and copulation can take place within 30 minutes and often up to several hours to complete.

If your female has been successfully mated the fertilized eggs will normally start to develop in the lower part of the oviduct where they will continue develop for a short or long period (depending on the species).

Snakes may fall into two seperate categories, oviparous and ovoviviparious. Oviparous snakes (the majority of snake species) fall into the egg layers category.

Livebearing species often take much longer to develop inside the females, often upwards of 100 days before the babies are born.

Preparing Your Enclosure For Incubation

Once your species has laid there eggs inside a humid and temerature controlled area within your enclosure it is often best to remove the eggs and place them into an inclubator to ensure proper incubation.

Freshly laid eggs will often be a milky white colour and appear elongated and possess a soft leathery finish.

Eggs laid within the terrarium or egg laying chambers should be carefully removed (preferably, always kept the same way up) and buried inside hollows about half the diameter of the thickness of the eggs within your incubator.

The substrate used can be a mixture of vermiculite or mulch and should be slightly moist to the touch. Most species eggs should develop properly in temperatures ranging from 25-30 degrees celsius.

Temperature will often determine the sex of the species as with most other reptiles. The incubation period for most species ranges from 40-70 days.

At an average temperature in the range of 25-30 degrees celsius there should be a fairly even mixture of both male and female species as is true in the natural conditions.

Hatching And Care Of Young Snakes

During incubation, eggs should be closely monitored to determine the fertility of them. Infertile eggs (often seen by shrivelling) should be removed promptly to avoid contaminating nearby eggs.

Young snakes should be housed in small ventilated containers such as plastic lunch boxes or small plastic terrariums.

The containers can be kept within a suitably heated room or within an existing heated terrarium. Climatic environments should coincide with those of the species in questions natural conditions.

A small hiding box, small dish of fresh water and a substrate of absorbent paper can be used for the first few days after birth.

As the snakes begin to grow, often within one week a suitably sized food item can be introduced to the snake. Be sure however not to overfeed juvenile snakes as this could lead to obesity and deformation.

Snake Breeding Overview (Video)

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a safe way to treat moldy, but viable, eggs?
    • Tinactin antifungal spray should be lightly spritzed upon the egg until the spray has consumed the mold
  2. How long do snake eggs take to hatch?
    • Incubation periods vary from 40-70 days depending on the type of snake you have.
  3. How many eggs can a snake lay (clutch size)?
    • Clutch sizes also vary by snake species but are in the range of 10-30 eggs.


Breeding your snakes can be a challenging activity, but if you manage the process well, it can be a very rewarding thing.

So, over to you! Have you bred your snakes before? Let us know how snake breeding has gone for you in the comments below!

Snake Species [A Huge List]

By Snaketracks / May 14, 2019
Snake Species

Listed below are the known snake species from across the globe broken down by scientific and common names. Clicking on each snake species will take you to a fact sheet for that particular species (if available).

If you notice we are missing a species or would like to contribute information to this list please let us know. Please keep in this page is very large in size. We recommend using a high speed connection.

Snake Species List

Scientific Name / (Common Name)

Anomalepidae (dawn blind snakes) (16 spp)
Anomalepis aspinosus
Anomalepis colombia
Anomalepis flavapices
Anomalepis mexicanus
Helminthophis flavoterminatus
Helminthophis frontalis
Helminthophis praeocularis
Liotyphlops albirostris
Liotyphlops anops
Liotyphlops argaleus
Liotyphlops beui
Liotyphlops schubarti
Liotyphlops ternetzii
Liotyphlops wilderi
Typhlophis ayarzaguenai
Typhlophis squamosus

Typhlopidae (blind snakes) (230 spp)

Acutotyphlops infralabialis
Acutotyphlops kunuaensis
Acutotyphlops solomonis
Acutotyphlops subocularis
Cyclotyphlops deharvengi
Ramphotyphlops acuticauda
Ramphotyphlops affinis
Ramphotyphlops albiceps
Ramphotyphlops angusticeps
Ramphotyphlops aspina
Ramphotyphlops australis
Ramphotyphlops batillus
Ramphotyphlops bituberculatus
Ramphotyphlops braminus
Ramphotyphlops broomi
Ramphotyphlops centralis
Ramphotyphlops chamodracaena
Ramphotyphlops cumingii
Ramphotyphlops depressus
Ramphotyphlops diversus
Ramphotyphlops endoterus
Ramphotyphlops erycinus
Ramphotyphlops exocoeti
Ramphotyphlops flaviventer
Ramphotyphlops ganei
Ramphotyphlops grypus
Ramphotyphlops guentheri
Ramphotyphlops hamatus
Ramphotyphlops howi
Ramphotyphlops kimberleyensis
Ramphotyphlops leptosoma
Ramphotyphlops leucoproctus
Ramphotyphlops ligatus
Ramphotyphlops lineatus
Ramphotyphlops longissimus
Ramphotyphlops lorenzi
Ramphotyphlops margaretae
Ramphotyphlops melanocephalus
Ramphotyphlops micromma
Ramphotyphlops minimus
Ramphotyphlops multilineatus
Ramphotyphlops nema
Ramphotyphlops nigrescens
Ramphotyphlops nigroterminatus
Ramphotyphlops olivaceus
Ramphotyphlops pilbarensis
Ramphotyphlops pinguis
Ramphotyphlops polygrammicus
Ramphotyphlops proximus
Ramphotyphlops robertsi
Ramphotyphlops silvia
Ramphotyphlops similis
Ramphotyphlops splendidus
Ramphotyphlops suluensis
Ramphotyphlops supranasalis
Ramphotyphlops tovelli
Ramphotyphlops troglodytes
Ramphotyphlops unguirostris
Ramphotyphlops waitii
Ramphotyphlops wiedii
Ramphotyphlops willeyi
Ramphotyphlops yampiensis
Ramphotyphlops yirrikalae
Rhinotyphlops acutus
Rhinotyphlops anomalus
Rhinotyphlops ataeniatus
Rhinotyphlops boylei
Rhinotyphlops caecus
Rhinotyphlops crossii
Rhinotyphlops debilis
Rhinotyphlops episcopus
Rhinotyphlops erythraeus
Rhinotyphlops feae
Rhinotyphlops gracilis
Rhinotyphlops graueri
Rhinotyphlops kibarae
Rhinotyphlops lalandei
Rhinotyphlops leucocephalus
Rhinotyphlops lumbriciformis
Rhinotyphlops newtoni
Rhinotyphlops nigrocandidus
Rhinotyphlops pallidus
Rhinotyphlops praeocularis
Rhinotyphlops rufescens
Rhinotyphlops schinzi
Rhinotyphlops schlegelii
Rhinotyphlops scortecci
Rhinotyphlops simonii
Rhinotyphlops somalicus
Rhinotyphlops stejnegeri
Rhinotyphlops sudanensis
Rhinotyphlops unitaeniatus
Rhinotyphlops wittei
Typhlops ahsanai
Typhlops albanalis
Typhlops amoipira
Typhlops andamanesis
Typhlops angolensis
Typhlops annae
Typhlops arenarius
Typhlops ater
Typhlops beddomii
Typhlops bibronii
Typhlops biminiensis
Typhlops bisubocularis
Typhlops blanfordii
Typhlops bothriorhynchus
Typhlops brongersmianus
Typhlops caecatus
Typhlops canlaonensis
Typhlops capensis
Typhlops capitulatus
Typhlops cariei
Typhlops castanotus
Typhlops catapontus
Typhlops caymanensis
Typhlops collaris
Typhlops comorensis
Typhlops congestus
Typhlops conradi
Typhlops costaricensis
Typhlops cuneirostris
Typhlops decorosus
Typhlops decorsei
Typhlops depressiceps
Typhlops diardii
Typhlops disparilis
Typhlops domerguei
Typhlops dominicanus
Typhlops elegans
Typhlops epactius
Typhlops etheridgei
Typhlops exiguus
Typhlops filiformis
Typhlops fletcheri
Typhlops floweri
Typhlops fornasinii
Typhlops fredparkeri
Typhlops fuscus
Typhlops giadinhensis
Typhlops gierrai
Typhlops gonavensis
Typhlops granti
Typhlops hectus
Typhlops hedraeus
Typhlops hypogius
Typhlops hypomethes
Typhlops hypsobothrius
Typhlops inornatus
Typhlops jamaicensis
Typhlops jerdoni
Typhlops khoratensis
Typhlops klemmeri
Typhlops koekkoeki
Typhlops koshunensis
Typhlops kraali
Typhlops lankaensis
Typhlops lehneri
Typhlops leucomelas
Typhlops leucostictus
Typhlops lineolatus
Typhlops longissimus
Typhlops loveridgei
Typhlops lumbricalis
Typhlops luzonensis
Typhlops mackinnoni
Typhlops madagascariensis
Typhlops madgemintonai
Typhlops malcolmi
Typhlops manilae
Typhlops manni
Typhlops marxi
Typhlops mcdowelli
Typhlops meszoelyi
Typhlops microcephalus
Typhlops microstomus
Typhlops minuisquamus
Typhlops mirus
Typhlops monastus
Typhlops monensis
Typhlops mucronatus
Typhlops muelleri
Typhlops oatesii
Typhlops obtusus
Typhlops ocularis
Typhlops oligolepis
Typhlops pammeces
Typhlops paucisquamus
Typhlops platycephalus
Typhlops platyrhynchus
Typhlops porrectus
Typhlops punctatus
Typhlops pusillus
Typhlops reticulatus
Typhlops reuteri
Typhlops richardi
Typhlops rondoensis
Typhlops rostellatus
Typhlops roxaneae
Typhlops ruber
Typhlops ruficaudus
Typhlops schmidti
Typhlops schmutzi
Typhlops schwartzi
Typhlops siamensis
Typhlops socotranus
Typhlops stadelmani
Typhlops steinhausi
Typhlops sulcatus
Typhlops syntherus
Typhlops tasymicris
Typhlops tenebrarum
Typhlops tenuicollis
Typhlops tenuis
Typhlops tetrathyreus
Typhlops thurstoni
Typhlops tindalli
Typhlops titanops
Typhlops trangensis
Typhlops trinitatus
Typhlops uluguruensis
Typhlops unilineatus
Typhlops veddae
Typhlops vermicularis
Typhlops verticalis
Typhlops violaceus
Typhlops wilsoni
Typhlops yonenagae
Typhlops zenkeri
Xenotyphlops grandidieri

Leptotyphlopidae (Glauconiidae, slender blind snakes) (93 spp)

Leptotyphlops adleri
Leptotyphlops affinis
Leptotyphlops albifrons
Leptotyphlops albipuncta
Leptotyphlops albiventer
Leptotyphlops alfredschmidti
Leptotyphlops algeriensis
Leptotyphlops anthracinus
Leptotyphlops asbolepis
Leptotyphlops australis
Leptotyphlops bicolor
Leptotyphlops bilineatus
Leptotyphlops blanfordi
Leptotyphlops borapeliotes
Leptotyphlops borrichianus
Leptotyphlops boueti
Leptotyphlops boulengeri
Leptotyphlops brasiliensis
Leptotyphlops bressoni
Leptotyphlops brevissimus
Leptotyphlops broadleyi
Leptotyphlops burii
Leptotyphlops cairi
Leptotyphlops calypso
Leptotyphlops collaris
Leptotyphlops columbi
Leptotyphlops conjunctus
Leptotyphlops cupinensis
Leptotyphlops debilis
Leptotyphlops diaplocius
Leptotyphlops dimidiatus
Leptotyphlops dissimilis
Leptotyphlops distanti
Leptotyphlops drewesi
Leptotyphlops dugandi
Leptotyphlops dulcis
Leptotyphlops emini
Leptotyphlops filiformis
Leptotyphlops goudotii
Leptotyphlops gracilior
Leptotyphlops guayaquilensis
Leptotyphlops humilis
Leptotyphlops jacobseni
Leptotyphlops joshuai
Leptotyphlops koppesi
Leptotyphlops labialis
Leptotyphlops leptipilepta
Leptotyphlops longicaudus
Leptotyphlops macrolepis
Leptotyphlops macrops
Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus
Leptotyphlops macrurus
Leptotyphlops maximus
Leptotyphlops melanotermus
Leptotyphlops melanurus
Leptotyphlops munoai
Leptotyphlops narirostris
Leptotyphlops nasalis
Leptotyphlops natatrix
Leptotyphlops nicefori
Leptotyphlops nigricans
Leptotyphlops nursii
Leptotyphlops occidentalis
Leptotyphlops parkeri
Leptotyphlops pembae
Leptotyphlops perreti
Leptotyphlops peruvianus
Leptotyphlops phillipsi
Leptotyphlops pungwensis
Leptotyphlops pyrites
Leptotyphlops reticulatus
Leptotyphlops rostratus
Leptotyphlops rubrolineatus
Leptotyphlops rufidorsus
Leptotyphlops salgueiroi
Leptotyphlops scutifrons
Leptotyphlops septemstriatus
Leptotyphlops signatus
Leptotyphlops striatula
Leptotyphlops subcrotillus
Leptotyphlops sundewalli
Leptotyphlops sylvicolus
Leptotyphlops teaguei
Leptotyphlops telloi
Leptotyphlops tenellus
Leptotyphlops tesselatus
Leptotyphlops tricolor
Leptotyphlops undecimstriatus
Leptotyphlops unguirostris
Leptotyphlops vellardi
Leptotyphlops weyrauchi
Leptotyphlops wilsoni
Rhinoleptus koniagui

Anilius scytale (Aniliidae, Ilysiidae, pipe snakes)

Anomochilus (Anomochilidae, dwarf pipe snakes) (2 spp)
Anomochilus leonardi
Anomochilus weberi

Boidae (boas and pythons) (74 spp)

Acrantophis dumerili
Acrantophis madagascariensis
Boa constrictor Boa constrictor
Candoia aspera
Candoia bibroni
Candoia carinata
Corallus annulatus
Corallus caninus (emerald tree boa)
Corallus cookii
Corallus cropanii
Corallus hortulanus
Corallus ruschenbergerii
Epicrates angulifer
Epicrates cenchria (rainbow boa)
Epicrates chrysogaster
Epicrates exsul
Epicrates fordii
Epicrates gracilis
Epicrates inornatus
Epicrates monensis
Epicrates striatus
Epicrates subflavus
Eunectes beniensis
Eunectes deschauenseei
Eunectes murinus (anaconda)
Eunectes notaeus
Sanzinia madagascariensis
Calabaria reinhardtii
Charina bottae
Charina trivirgata
Eryx elegans
Eryx jaculus
Eryx jayakari
Eryx johnii
Eryx miliaris
Eryx somalicus
Eryx tataricus
Eryx whitakeri
Gongylophis colubrinus
Gongylophis conicus
Gongylophis muelleri
Aspidites melanocephalus
Aspidites ramsayi
Antaresia childreni
Antaresia maculosa
Antaresia perthensis
Antaresia stimsoni
Apodora papuana
Bothrochilus boa
Leiopython albertisii
Liasis fuscus
Liasis mackloti
Liasis olivaceus
Morelia amethistina
Morelia boeleni
Morelia bredli
Morelia carinata
Morelia clastolepis
Morelia kinghorni
Morelia nauta
Morelia oenpelliensis
Morelia spilota
Morelia tracyae
Morelia viridis
Python anchietae
Python breitensteini
Python brongersmai
Python curtus
Python molurus (Asian rock python)
Python natalensis
Python regius
Python reticulatus
Python sebae
Python timoriensis

Bolyeridae (Round Island boas) (2 spp)

Bolyeria multocarinata
Casarea dussumieri

Cylindrophis (Cylindrophiidae, Asian pipe snakes) (10 spp)

Cylindrophis aruensis
Cylindrophis boulengeri
Cylindrophis engkariensis
Cylindrophis isolepis
Cylindrophis lineatus
Cylindrophis maculatus
Cylindrophis melanotus
Cylindrophis opisthorhodus
Cylindrophis ruffus
Cylindrophis yamdena

Loxocemus bicolor (Loxocemidae, Mexican burrowing pythons)

Tropidophiidae (Ungaliophiidae, dwarf boas) (26 spp)

Trachyboa boulengeri
Trachyboa gularis
Tropidophis battersbyi
Tropidophis canus
Tropidophis caymanensis
Tropidophis celiae
Tropidophis feicki
Tropidophis fuscus
Tropidophis greenwayi
Tropidophis haetianus
Tropidophis hendersoni
Tropidophis maculatus
Tropidophis melanurus
Tropidophis morenoi
Tropidophis nigriventris
Tropidophis pardalis
Tropidophis paucisquamis
Tropidophis pilsbryi
Tropidophis semicinctus
Tropidophis spiritus
Tropidophis taczanowskyi
Tropidophis wrighti
Exiliboa placata
Ungaliophis continentalis
Ungaliophis panamensis
Xenophidion acanthognathus

Uropeltidae (shield-tail snakes) (47 spp)

Brachyophidium rhodogaster
Melanophidium bilineatum
Melanophidium punctatum
Melanophidium wynaudense
Platyplectrurus madurensis
Platyplectrurus trilineatus
Plectrurus aureus
Plectrurus canaricus
Plectrurus guentheri
Plectrurus perroteti
Pseudotyphlops philippinus
Rhinophis blythii
Rhinophis dorsimaculatus
Rhinophis drummondhayi
Rhinophis fergusonianus
Rhinophis oxyrhynchus
Rhinophis philippinus
Rhinophis porrectus
Rhinophis punctatus
Rhinophis sanguineus
Rhinophis travancoricus
Rhinophis trevelyana
Rhinophis tricolorata
Teretrurus sanguineus
Uropeltis arcticeps
Uropeltis beddomii
Uropeltis broughami
Uropeltis ceylanicus
Uropeltis dindigalensis
Uropeltis ellioti
Uropeltis liura
Uropeltis macrolepis
Uropeltis macrorhynchus
Uropeltis maculatus
Uropeltis melanogaster
Uropeltis myhendrae
Uropeltis nitidus
Uropeltis ocellatus
Uropeltis petersi
Uropeltis phillipsi
Uropeltis phipsonii
Uropeltis pulneyensis
Uropeltis rubrolineatus
Uropeltis rubromaculatus
Uropeltis ruhunae
Uropeltis smithi
Uropeltis woodmasoni

Xenopeltis (Xenopeltidae, sunbeam snakes) (2 spp)

Xenopeltis hainanensis
Xenopeltis unicolor

Acrochordus (Acrochordidae, file snakes) (3 spp)

Acrochordus arafurae
Acrochordus granulatus
Acrochordus javanicus (Javan wart snake)

Atractaspididae (mole vipers) (66 spp)

Atractaspis aterrima
Atractaspis battersbyi
Atractaspis bibronii
Atractaspis boulengeri
Atractaspis coalescens
Atractaspis congica
Atractaspis corpulenta
Atractaspis dahomeyensis
Atractaspis duerdeni
Atractaspis engaddensis
Atractaspis engdahli
Atractaspis fallax
Atractaspis irregularis
Atractaspis leucomelas
Atractaspis microlepidota
Atractaspis micropholis
Atractaspis reticulata
Atractaspis scorteccii
Amblyodipsas concolor
Amblyodipsas dimidiata
Amblyodipsas katangensis
Amblyodipsas microphthalma
Amblyodipsas polylepis
Amblyodipsas rodhaini
Amblyodipsas teitana
Amblyodipsas unicolor
Amblyodipsas ventrimaculata
Aparallactus capensis
Aparallactus guentheri
Aparallactus jacksonii
Aparallactus lineatus
Aparallactus lunulatus
Aparallactus modestus
Aparallactus moeruensis
Aparallactus niger
Aparallactus nigriceps
Aparallactus turneri
Aparallactus werneri
Brachyophis revoili
Chilorhinophis butleri
Chilorhinophis carpenteri
Chilorhinophis gerardi
Hypoptophis wilsoni
Micrelaps bicoloratus
Micrelaps muelleri
Micrelaps vaillanti
Elapotinus picteti
Macrelaps microlepidotus
Polemon acanthias
Polemon barthii
Polemon bocourti
Polemon christyi
Polemon collaris
Polemon fulvicollis
Polemon gabonensis
Polemon gracilis
Polemon griseiceps
Polemon leopoldi
Polemon neuwiedi
Polemon notatum
Polemon robustus
Xenocalamus bicolor
Xenocalamus mechowii
Xenocalamus michellii
Xenocalamus sabiensis
Xenocalamus transvaalensis

Colubridae (colubrids) (1812 spp)

Achalinus ater
Achalinus formosanus
Achalinus hainanus
Achalinus jinggangensis
Achalinus meiguensis
Achalinus niger
Achalinus rufescens
Achalinus spinalis
Achalinus werneri
Fimbrios klossi
Oxyrhabdium leporinum
Oxyrhabdium modestum
Stoliczkaia borneensis
Stoliczkaia khasiensis
Xenodermus javanicus
Xylophis perroteti
Xylophis stenorhynchus
Aplopeltura boa
Internatus laevis
Internatus malaccanus
Internatus tropidonotus
Pareas boulengeri
Pareas carinatus
Pareas chinensis
Pareas formosensis
Pareas hamptoni
Pareas iwasakii
Pareas macularius
Pareas margaritophorus
Pareas monticola
Pareas nuchalis
Pareas stanleyi
Pareas vertebralis
Calamaria abstrusa
Calamaria acutirostris
Calamaria albiventer
Calamaria alidae
Calamaria apraeocularis
Calamaria battersbyi
Calamaria bicolor
Calamaria bitorques
Calamaria boesemani
Calamaria borneensis
Calamaria brongersmai
Calamaria buchi
Calamaria ceramensis
Calamaria crassa
Calamaria curta
Calamaria doederleini
Calamaria eiselti
Calamaria everetti
Calamaria forcarti
Calamaria gervaisii
Calamaria grabowskyi
Calamaria gracillima
Calamaria griswoldi
Calamaria hilleniusi
Calamaria javanica
Calamaria joloensis
Calamaria lateralis
Calamaria leucogaster
Calamaria linnaei
Calamaria lowii
Calamaria lumbricoidea
Calamaria lumholtzi
Calamaria margaritophora
Calamaria mecheli
Calamaria melanota
Calamaria modesta
Calamaria muelleri
Calamaria nuchalis
Calamaria palavanensis
Calamaria pavimentata
Calamaria pfefferi
Calamaria prakkei
Calamaria rebentischi
Calamaria schlegelii
Calamaria schmidti
Calamaria septentrionalis
Calamaria suluensis
Calamaria sumatrana
Calamaria ulmeri
Calamaria virgulata
Calamaria yunnanensis
Calamorhabdium acuticeps
Calamorhabdium kuekenthali
Collorhabdium williamsoni
Etheridgeum pulchrum
Macrocalamus gentingensis
Macrocalamus jasoni
Macrocalamus lateralis
Macrocalamus schulzi
Macrocalamus tweediei
Pseudorabdion albonuchalis
Pseudorabdion ater
Pseudorabdion collaris
Pseudorabdion eiselti
Pseudorabdion longiceps
Pseudorabdion mcnamarae
Pseudorabdion montanum
Pseudorabdion oxycephalum
Pseudorabdion sarasinorum
Pseudorabdion saravacense
Pseudorabdion talonuran
Pseudorabdion taylori
Rabdion forsteni
Bitia hydroides
Cantoria annulata
Cantoria violacea
Cerberus microlepis
Cerberus rynchops
Enhydris albomaculata
Enhydris alternans
Enhydris bennettii
Enhydris bocourti
Enhydris chinensis
Enhydris doriae
Enhydris dussumieri
Enhydris enhydris
Enhydris indica
Enhydris innominata
Enhydris jagorii
Enhydris longicauda
Enhydris maculosa
Enhydris matannensis
Enhydris pahangensis
Enhydris pakistanica
Enhydris plumbea
Enhydris polylepis
Enhydris punctata
Enhydris sieboldi
Enhydris smithi
Erpeton tentaculatum (tentacled snake)
Fordonia leucobalia
Gerarda prevostiana
Heurnia ventromaculata
Homalopsis buccata
Myron richardsonii
Brachyorrhos albus
Bothrolycus ater
Bothrophthalmus lineatus
Chamaelycus christyi
Chamaelycus fasciatus
Chamaelycus parkeri
Chamaelycus werneri
Dendrolycus elapoides
Dipsina multimaculata
Dromophis lineatus
Dromophis praeornatus
Gonionotophis brussauxi
Gonionotophis grantii
Gonionotophis klingi
Grayia caesar
Grayia ornata
Grayia smythii
Grayia tholloni
Hormonotus modestus
Lamprophis abyssinicus
Lamprophis aurora
Lamprophis erlangeri
Lamprophis fiskii
Lamprophis fuliginosus
Lamprophis fuscus
Lamprophis geometricus
Lamprophis guttatus
Lamprophis inornatus
Lamprophis lineatus
Lamprophis maculatus
Lamprophis olivaceus
Lamprophis swazicus
Lamprophis virgatus
Lycodonomorphus bicolor
Lycodonomorphus laevissimus
Lycodonomorphus leleupi
Lycodonomorphus rufulus
Lycodonomorphus subtaeniatus
Lycodonomorphus whytii
Lycophidion acutirostre
Lycophidion albomaculatum
Lycophidion capense
Lycophidion depressirostre
Lycophidion hellmichi
Lycophidion irroratum
Lycophidion laterale
Lycophidion meleagris
Lycophidion namibianum
Lycophidion nanus
Lycophidion nigromaculatum
Lycophidion ornatum
Lycophidion pygmaeum
Lycophidion semiannule
Lycophidion semicinctum
Lycophidion taylori
Lycophidion uzungwense
Lycophidion variegatum
Macroprotodon cucullatus
Mehelya capensis
Mehelya crossi
Mehelya egbensis
Mehelya guirali
Mehelya laurenti
Mehelya nyassae
Mehelya poensis
Mehelya riggenbachi
Mehelya stenophthalmus
Mehelya vernayi
Pseudaspis cana
Pseudoboodon boehmei
Pseudoboodon gascae
Pseudoboodon lemniscatus
Pythonodipsas carinata
Scaphiophis albopunctatus
Scaphiophis raffreyi
Buhoma depressiceps
Buhoma procterae
Buhoma vauerocegae
Duberria lutrix
Duberria variegata
Montaspis gilvomaculata
Alluaudina bellyi
Alluaudina mocquardi
Compsophis albiventris
Ditypophis vivax
Dromicodryas bernieri
Dromicodryas quadrilineatus
Exallodontophis albignaci
Geodipsas boulengeri
Geodipsas infralineata
Geodipsas laphystia
Geodipsas vinckei
Geodipsas zeny
Heteroliodon lava
Heteroliodon occipitalis
Ithycyphus blanci
Ithycyphus goudoti
Ithycyphus miniatus
Ithycyphus oursi
Ithycyphus perineti
Langaha alluaudi
Langaha madagascariensis
Langaha pseudoalluaudi
Leioheterodon geayi
Leioheterodon madagascariensis
Leioheterodon modestus
Liophidium apperti
Liophidium chabaudi
Liophidium mayottensis
Liophidium rhodogaster
Liophidium therezieni
Liophidium torquatum
Liophidium trilineatum
Liophidium vaillanti
Liopholidophis dolichocercus
Liopholidophis epistibes
Liopholidophis grandidieri
Liopholidophis infrasignatus
Liopholidophis lateralis
Liopholidophis rhadinaea
Liopholidophis sexlineatus
Liopholidophis stumpffi
Liopholidophis varius
Lycodryas maculatus
Lycodryas sanctijohannis
Madagascarophis citrinus
Madagascarophis colubrinus
Madagascarophis meridionalis
Madagascarophis ocellatus
Micropisthodon ochraceus
Pararhadinaea melanogaster
Brygophis coulangesi
Pseudoxyrhopus ambreensis
Pseudoxyrhopus analabe
Pseudoxyrhopus ankafinaensis
Pseudoxyrhopus heterurus
Pseudoxyrhopus imerinae
Pseudoxyrhopus kely
Pseudoxyrhopus microps
Pseudoxyrhopus oblectator
Pseudoxyrhopus quinquelineatus
Pseudoxyrhopus sokosoko
Pseudoxyrhopus tritaeniatus
Stenophis arctifasciatus
Stenophis betsileanus
Stenophis capuroni
Stenophis carleti
Stenophis citrinus
Stenophis gaimardi
Stenophis granuliceps
Stenophis guentheri
Stenophis iarakaensis
Stenophis inopinae
Stenophis inornatus
Stenophis jaosoloa
Stenophis pseudogranuliceps
Stenophis tulearensis
Stenophis variabilis
Aeluroglena cucullata
Ahaetulla dispar
Ahaetulla fasciolata
Ahaetulla fronticincta
Ahaetulla mycterizans
Ahaetulla nasuta
Ahaetulla perroteti
Ahaetulla prasina
Ahaetulla pulverulenta
Argyrogena fasciolata
Arizona elegans
Bogertophis rosaliae
Bogertophis subocularis
Boiga andamanensis
Boiga angulata
Boiga barnesii
Boiga beddomei
Boiga bengkuluensis
Boiga blandingii
Boiga ceylonensis
Boiga cyanea
Boiga cynodon
Boiga dendrophila (mangrove snake)
Boiga dightoni
Boiga drapiezii
Boiga forsteni
Boiga gokool
Boiga guangxiensis
Boiga irregularis
Boiga jaspidea
Boiga kraepelini
Boiga multifasciata
Boiga multomaculata
Boiga nigriceps
Boiga nuchalis
Boiga ocellata
Boiga ochracea
Boiga philippina
Boiga pulverulenta
Boiga quincunciata
Boiga saengsomi
Boiga schultzei
Boiga tanahjampeana
Boiga trigonata
Boiga wallachi
Cemophora coccinea
Chilomeniscus savagei
Chilomeniscus stramineus
Chionactis occipitalis
Chionactis palarostris
Chionactis saxatilis
Chironius bicarinatus
Chironius carinatus
Chironius exoletus
Chironius flavolineatus
Chironius fuscus
Chironius grandisquamis
Chironius laevicollis
Chironius laurenti
Chironius monticola
Chironius multiventris
Chironius quadricarinatus
Chironius scurrulus
Chironius vincenti
Chrysopelea ornata
Chrysopelea paradisi
Chrysopelea pelias
Chrysopelea rhodopleuron
Chrysopelea taprobanica
Coluber algirus
Coluber atayevi
Coluber bholanathi
Coluber brevis
Coluber caspius
Coluber constrictor
Coluber cypriensis
Coluber dorri
Coluber elegantissimus
Coluber florulentus
Coluber gemonensis
Coluber gracilis
Coluber gyarosensis
Coluber hippocrepis
Coluber insulanus
Coluber jugularis
Coluber karelini
Coluber largeni
Coluber manseri
Coluber messanai
Coluber mormon
Coluber najadum
Coluber nummifer
Coluber ravergieri
Coluber rhodorhachis
Coluber rogersi
Coluber rubriceps
Coluber schmidti
Coluber schmidtleri
Coluber scortecci
Coluber sinai
Coluber smithi
Coluber socotrae
Coluber somalicus
Coluber spinalis
Coluber taylori
Coluber thomasi
Coluber variabilis
Coluber ventromaculatus
Coluber viridiflavus (western whip snake)
Coluber vittacaudatus
Coluber zebrinus
Conopsis amphisticha
Conopsis biserialis
Conopsis conica
Conopsis lineata
Conopsis megalodon
Conopsis nasus
Coronella austriaca (smooth snake)
Coronella brachyura
Coronella girondica
Crotaphopeltis barotseensis
Crotaphopeltis braestrupi
Crotaphopeltis degeni
Crotaphopeltis hippocrepis
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
Crotaphopeltis tornieri
Cyclophiops doriae
Cyclophiops major
Cyclophiops multicinctus
Cyclophiops semicarinatus
Dasypeltis atra
Dasypeltis fasciata
Dasypeltis inornata
Dasypeltis medici
Dasypeltis scabra (African egg-eating snake)
Dendrelaphis bifrenalis
Dendrelaphis calligastra
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris
Dendrelaphis formosus
Dendrelaphis gastrostictus
Dendrelaphis gorei
Dendrelaphis grandoculis
Dendrelaphis humayuni
Dendrelaphis inornatus
Dendrelaphis lorentzi
Dendrelaphis ngansonensis
Dendrelaphis oliveri
Dendrelaphis papuensis
Dendrelaphis pictus
Dendrelaphis punctulata
Dendrelaphis salomonis
Dendrelaphis striatus
Dendrelaphis subocularis
Dendrelaphis tristis
Dendrophidion bivittatus
Dendrophidion boshelli
Dendrophidion brunneus
Dendrophidion dendrophis
Dendrophidion nuchale
Dendrophidion paucicarinatus
Dendrophidion percarinatus
Dendrophidion vinitor
Dinodon flavozonatum
Dinodon gammiei
Dinodon orientale
Dinodon rosozonatum
Dinodon rufozonatum
Dinodon semicarinatum
Dinodon septentrionalis
Dipsadoboa aulica
Dipsadoboa brevirostris
Dipsadoboa duchesnei
Dipsadoboa elongata
Dipsadoboa flavida
Dipsadoboa shrevei
Dipsadoboa underwoodi
Dipsadoboa unicolor
Dipsadoboa viridis
Dipsadoboa weileri
Dipsadoboa werneri
Dispholidus typus (boomslang)
Dryadophis cliftoni
Dryadophis dorsalis
Dryadophis melanolomus
Drymarchon caudomaculatus
Drymarchon corais
Drymarchon couperi
Drymarchon melanurus
Drymobius chloroticus
Drymobius margaritiferus
Drymobius melanotropis
Drymobius reissi
Drymobius rhombifer
Drymoluber brazili
Drymoluber dichrous
Dryocalamus davisonii
Dryocalamus gracilis
Dryocalamus nympha
Dryocalamus philippinus
Dryocalamus subannulatus
Dryocalamus tristrigatus
Dryophiops philippina
Dryophiops rubescens
Eirenis africana
Eirenis aurolineatus
Eirenis barani
Eirenis collaris
Eirenis coronella
Eirenis decemlineata
Eirenis eiselti
Eirenis hakkariensis
Eirenis levantinus
Eirenis lineomaculata
Eirenis mcmahoni
Eirenis medus
Eirenis modestus
Eirenis punctatolineatus
Eirenis rechingeri
Eirenis rothii
Eirenis thospitis
Elachistodon westermanni
Elaphe bairdi
Elaphe bella
Elaphe bimaculata
Elaphe carinata
Elaphe climacophora
Elaphe conspicillata
Elaphe davidi
Elaphe dione
Elaphe emoryi
Elaphe erythrura
Elaphe flavirufa
Elaphe flavolineata
Elaphe gloydi
Elaphe guttata
Elaphe helena
Elaphe hohenackeri
Elaphe leonardi
Elaphe lineata
Elaphe longissima (aesculapian snake)
Elaphe maculata
Elaphe mandarina
Elaphe moellendorffi
Elaphe obsoleta (rat snake)
Elaphe perlacea
Elaphe persica
Elaphe porphyracea
Elaphe prasina
Elaphe quadrivirgata
Elaphe quatuorlineata (four-lined snake)
Elaphe radiata
Elaphe rufodorsata
Elaphe scalaris
Elaphe schrenckii
Elaphe situla
Elaphe slowinksii
Elaphe subradiata
Elaphe taeniura (oriental beauty snake)
Elaphe vulpine
Ficimia hardyi
Ficimia olivacea
Ficimia publia
Ficimia ramirezi
Ficimia ruspator
Ficimia streckeri
Ficimia variegata
Gastropyxis smaragdina
Geagras redimitus
Gonyophis margaritatus
Gonyosoma cantoris
Gonyosoma frenatum
Gonyosoma hodgsoni
Gonyosoma jansenii
Gonyosoma oxycephalum
Gyalopion canum
Gyalopion quadrangulare
Hapsidophrys lineatus
Lampropeltis alterna
Lampropeltis calligaster
Lampropeltis getula (common kingsnake)
Lampropeltis mexicana
Lampropeltis pyromelana
Lampropeltis ruthveni
Lampropeltis triangulum
Lampropeltis zonata
Leptodrymus pulcherrimus
Leptophis ahaetulla
Leptophis cupreus
Leptophis depressirostris
Leptophis diplotropis
Leptophis mexicanus
Leptophis modestus
Leptophis nebulosus
Leptophis riveti
Leptophis santamartensis
Leptophis stimsoni
Lepturophis albofuscus
Lepturophis borneensis
Liopeltis calamaria
Liopeltis frenatus
Liopeltis herminae
Liopeltis philippinus
Liopeltis rappi
Liopeltis scriptus
Liopeltis stoliczkae
Liopeltis tricolor
Lycodon alcalai
Lycodon aulicus
Lycodon bibonius
Lycodon butleri
Lycodon capucinus
Lycodon cardamomensis
Lycodon chrysoprateros
Lycodon dumerili
Lycodon effraenis
Lycodon fasciatus
Lycodon fausti
Lycodon ferroni
Lycodon flavomaculatus
Lycodon jara
Lycodon kundui
Lycodon laoensis
Lycodon mackinnoni
Lycodon muelleri
Lycodon osmanhilli
Lycodon paucifasciatus
Lycodon ruhstrati
Lycodon solivagus
Lycodon stormi
Lycodon striatus
Lycodon subcinctus
Lycodon tessellatus
Lycodon tiwarii
Lycodon travancoricus
Lycodon zawi
Lycognathophis seychellensis
Lytorhynchus diadema
Lytorhynchus gasperetti
Lytorhynchus kennedyi
Lytorhynchus maynardi
Lytorhynchus paradoxus
Lytorhynchus ridgewayi
Masticophis anthonyi
Masticophis aurigulus
Masticophis bilineatus
Masticophis flagellum
Masticophis lateralis
Masticophis lineolatus
Masticophis mentovarius
Masticophis schotti
Masticophis taeniatus
Mastigodryas amarali
Mastigodryas bifossatus
Mastigodryas boddaerti
Mastigodryas bruesi
Mastigodryas danieli
Mastigodryas heathii
Mastigodryas pleei
Mastigodryas pulchriceps
Mastigodryas sanguiventris
Meizodon coronatus
Meizodon krameri
Meizodon plumbiceps
Meizodon regularis
Meizodon semiornatus
Oligodon affinis
Oligodon albocinctus
Oligodon ancorus
Oligodon annulifer
Oligodon arnensis
Oligodon barroni
Oligodon bitorquatus
Oligodon brevicauda
Oligodon catenata
Oligodon chinensis
Oligodon cinereus
Oligodon cruentatus
Oligodon cyclurus
Oligodon dorsalis
Oligodon durheimi
Oligodon eberhardti
Oligodon erythrogaster
Oligodon erythrorhachis
Oligodon everetti
Oligodon forbesi
Oligodon formosanus
Oligodon hamptoni
Oligodon inornatus
Oligodon jintakunei
Oligodon joynsoni
Oligodon juglandifer
Oligodon kunmingensis
Oligodon lacroixi
Oligodon lungshenensis
Oligodon macrurus
Oligodon maculatus
Oligodon mcdougalli
Oligodon melaneus
Oligodon melanozonatus
Oligodon meyerinkii
Oligodon modestum
Oligodon mouhoti
Oligodon multizonatus
Oligodon nikhili
Oligodon ningshaanensis
Oligodon ocellatus
Oligodon octolineatus
Oligodon ornatus
Oligodon perkinsi
Oligodon petronellae
Oligodon planiceps
Oligodon praefrontalis
Oligodon pulcherrimus
Oligodon purpurascens
Oligodon rhombifer
Oligodon semicinctus
Oligodon signatus
Oligodon splendidus
Oligodon subcarinatus
Oligodon sublineatus
Oligodon taeniatus
Oligodon taeniolatus
Oligodon templetoni
Oligodon theobaldi
Oligodon torquatus
Oligodon travancoricus
Oligodon trilineatus
Oligodon unicolor
Oligodon venustus
Oligodon vertebralis
Oligodon waandersi
Oligodon woodmasoni
Opheodrys aestivus
Opheodrys vernalis
Oxybelis aeneus
Oxybelis brevirostris
Oxybelis fulgidus
Oxybelis wilsoni
Philothamnus angolensis
Philothamnus battersbyi
Philothamnus bequaerti
Philothamnus carinatus
Philothamnus dorsalis
Philothamnus girardi
Philothamnus heterodermus
Philothamnus heterolepidotus
Philothamnus hoplogaster
Philothamnus hughesi
Philothamnus irregularis
Philothamnus macrops
Philothamnus natalensis
Philothamnus nitidus
Philothamnus ornatus
Philothamnus punctatus
Philothamnus semivariegatus
Philothamnus thomensis
Phyllorhynchus browni
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus
Pituophis catenifer
Pituophis deppei
Pituophis lineaticollis
Pituophis melanoleucus
Pituophis ruthveni
Prosymna ambigua
Prosymna angolensis
Prosymna bivittata
Prosymna frontalis
Prosymna janii
Prosymna meleagris
Prosymna ornatissima
Prosymna pitmani
Prosymna ruspolii
Prosymna semifasciata
Prosymna somalica
Prosymna sundevalli
Prosymna visseri
Pseudocyclophis persicus
Pseudoficimia frontalis
Pseustes cinnamomeus
Pseustes poecilonotus
Pseustes sexcarinatus
Pseustes shropshirei
Pseustes sulphureus
Ptyas carinatus
Ptyas dhumnades
Ptyas dipsas
Ptyas fuscus
Ptyas korros
Ptyas luzonensis
Ptyas mucosus
Ptyas nigromarginatus
Rhamnophis aethiopissa
Rhamnophis batesii
Rhinobothryum bovallii
Rhinobothryum lentiginosum
Rhinocheilus lecontei
Rhynchocalamus arabicus
Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus
Rhynchophis boulengeri
Salvadora bairdi
Salvadora deserticola
Salvadora grahamiae
Salvadora hexalepis
Salvadora intermedia
Salvadora lemniscata
Salvadora mexicana
Scaphiodontophis annulatus
Scaphiodontophis venustissimus
Scolecophis atrocinctus
Senticolis triaspis
Sibynophis bistrigatus
Sibynophis bivittatus
Sibynophis chinensis
Sibynophis collaris
Sibynophis geminatus
Sibynophis melanocephalus
Sibynophis sagittarius
Sibynophis subpunctatus
Sibynophis triangularis
Simophis rhinostoma
Simophis rohdei
Sonora aemula
Sonora michoacanensis
Sonora semiannulata
Spalerosophis arenarius
Spalerosophis diadema
Spalerosophis dolichospilus
Spalerosophis josephscorteccii
Spalerosophis microlepis
Spilotes pullatus
Stegonotus batjanensis
Stegonotus borneensis
Stegonotus cucullatus
Stegonotus diehli
Stegonotus dumerilii
Stegonotus florensis
Stegonotus guentheri
Stegonotus heterurus
Stegonotus modestus
Stegonotus parvus
Stenorrhina degenhardtii
Stenorrhina freminvillei
Stilosoma extenuatum
Symphimus leucostomus
Symphimus mayae
Sympholis lippiens
Tantilla albiceps
Tantilla alticola
Tantilla andinista
Tantilla armillata
Tantilla atriceps
Tantilla bairdi
Tantilla bocourti
Tantilla boipiranga
Tantilla brevicauda
Tantilla briggsi
Tantilla calamarina
Tantilla capistrata
Tantilla cascadae
Tantilla coronadoi
Tantilla coronata
Tantilla cucullata
Tantilla cuesta
Tantilla cuniculator
Tantilla deppei
Tantilla deviatrix
Tantilla equatoriana
Tantilla flavilineata
Tantilla fraseri
Tantilla gracilis
Tantilla hobartsmithi
Tantilla impensa
Tantilla insulamontana
Tantilla jani
Tantilla johnsoni
Tantilla lempira
Tantilla longifrontalis
Tantilla melanocephala
Tantilla mexicana
Tantilla miyatai
Tantilla moesta
Tantilla nigra
Tantilla nigriceps
Tantilla oaxacae
Tantilla oolitica
Tantilla petersi
Tantilla planiceps
Tantilla relicta
Tantilla reticulata
Tantilla robusta
Tantilla rubra
Tantilla schistosa
Tantilla semicincta
Tantilla sertula
Tantilla shawi
Tantilla slavensi
Tantilla striata
Tantilla supracincta
Tantilla taeniata
Tantilla tayrae
Tantilla tecta
Tantilla trilineata
Tantilla triseriata
Tantilla tritaeniata
Tantilla vermiformis
Tantilla vulcani
Tantilla wilcoxi
Tantilla yaquia
Tantillita brevissima
Tantillita canula
Tantillita lintoni
Telescopus beetzi
Telescopus dhara
Telescopus fallax
Telescopus gezirae
Telescopus hoogstraali
Telescopus nigriceps
Telescopus obtusus
Telescopus pulcher
Telescopus rhinopoma
Telescopus semiannulatus
Telescopus tessellatus
Telescopus variegates
Thelotornis capensis
Thelotornis kirtlandii
Thelotornis usambaricus
Thrasops flavigularis
Thrasops jacksonii
Thrasops occidentalis
Trimorphodon biscutatus
Trimorphodon tau
Xenelaphis ellipsifer
Xenelaphis hexagonotus
Hemirhagerrhis hildebrandtii
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri
Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia
Hemirhagerrhis viperina
Malpolon moilensis
Malpolon monspessulanus (Montpellier snake)
Mimophis mahfalensis
Psammophis aegyptius
Psammophis angolensis
Psammophis ansorgii
Psammophis biseriatus
Psammophis condanarus
Psammophis crucifer
Psammophis elegans
Psammophis jallae
Psammophis leightoni
Psammophis leithii
Psammophis lineolatus
Psammophis longifrons
Psammophis notostictus
Psammophis phillipsi
Psammophis pulcher
Psammophis punctulatus
Psammophis rukwae
Psammophis schokari
Psammophis sibilans
Psammophis subtaeniatus
Psammophis tanganicus
Psammophis trigrammus
Psammophylax rhombeatus
Psammophylax tritaeniatus
Psammophylax variabilis
Rhamphiophis acutus
Rhamphiophis maradiensis
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus
Adelophis copei
Adelophis foxi
Afronatrix anoscopus
Amphiesma atemporale
Amphiesma beddomei
Amphiesma bitaeniatum
Amphiesma boulengeri
Amphiesma celebicum
Amphiesma concelarum
Amphiesma craspedogaster
Amphiesma deschauenseei
Amphiesma flavifrons
Amphiesma frenatum
Amphiesma groundwateri
Amphiesma inas
Amphiesma ishigakiense
Amphiesma johannis
Amphiesma khasiense
Amphiesma metusium
Amphiesma miyajimae
Amphiesma modestum
Amphiesma monticola
Amphiesma nicobariense
Amphiesma octolineatum
Amphiesma optatum
Amphiesma parallelum
Amphiesma pealii
Amphiesma petersii
Amphiesma platyceps
Amphiesma popei
Amphiesma pryeri
Amphiesma sanguinea
Amphiesma sarasinorum
Amphiesma sarawacense
Amphiesma sauteri
Amphiesma sieboldii
Amphiesma stolatum
Amphiesma venningi
Amphiesma vibakari
Amphiesma viperinum
Amphiesma xenura
Amphiesmoides ornaticeps
Anoplohydrus aemulans
Aspidura brachyorrhos
Aspidura copei
Aspidura deraniyagalae
Aspidura drummondhayi
Aspidura guentheri
Aspidura trachyprocta
Atretium schistosum
Atretium yunnanensis
Balanophis ceylonensis
Clonophis kirtlandii
Hologerrhum dermali
Hologerrhum philippinum
Hydrablabes periops
Hydrablabes praefrontalis
Hydraethiops laevis
Hydraethiops melanogaster
Iguanognathus werneri
Macropisthodon flaviceps
Macropisthodon plumbicolor
Macropisthodon rhodomelas
Macropisthodon rudis
Natrix flavifrons
Natrix maura
Natrix megalocephala
Natrix natrix (grass snake)
Natrix tessellata
Nerodia clarkii
Nerodia cyclopion
Nerodia erythrogaster
Nerodia fasciata
Nerodia floridana
Nerodia harteri
Nerodia paucimaculata
Nerodia rhombifer
Nerodia sipedon
Nerodia taxispilota (brown water snake)
Opisthotropis alcalai
Opisthotropis andersonii
Opisthotropis balteatus
Opisthotropis boonsongi
Opisthotropis daovantieni
Opisthotropis guangxiensis
Opisthotropis jacobi
Opisthotropis kikuzatoi
Opisthotropis kuatunensis
Opisthotropis lateralis
Opisthotropis latouchii
Opisthotropis maxwelli
Opisthotropis premaxillaris
Opisthotropis rugosa
Opisthotropis spenceri
Opisthotropis typical
Parahelicops annamensis
Pararhabdophis chapaensis
Regina alleni
Regina grahami
Regina rigida
Regina septemvittata
Rhabdophis adleri
Rhabdophis angeli
Rhabdophis auriculata
Rhabdophis barbouri
Rhabdophis callichroma
Rhabdophis chrysargoides
Rhabdophis chrysargos
Rhabdophis conspicillatus
Rhabdophis himalayanus
Rhabdophis leonardi
Rhabdophis lineatus
Rhabdophis murudensis
Rhabdophis nigrocinctus
Rhabdophis nuchalis
Rhabdophis spilogaster
Rhabdophis subminiatus
Rhabdophis swinhonis
Rhabdophis tigrinus
Seminatrix pygaea
Sinonatrix aequifasciata
Sinonatrix annularis
Sinonatrix percarinata
Sinonatrix yunnanensis
Storeria dekayi
Storeria hidalgoensis
Storeria occipitomaculata
Storeria storerioides
Thamnophis angustirostris
Thamnophis atratus
Thamnophis brachystoma
Thamnophis butleri
Thamnophis chrysocephalus
Thamnophis couchii
Thamnophis cyrtopsis
Thamnophis elegans
Thamnophis eques
Thamnophis exsul
Thamnophis fulvus
Thamnophis gigas
Thamnophis godmani
Thamnophis hammondii
Thamnophis marcianus
Thamnophis melanogaster
Thamnophis mendax
Thamnophis ordinoides
Thamnophis proximus
Thamnophis radix
Thamnophis rossmani
Thamnophis rufipunctatus
Thamnophis sauritus
Thamnophis scalaris
Thamnophis scaliger
Thamnophis sirtalis (common garter snake)
Thamnophis sumichrasti
Thamnophis valida
Tropidoclonion lineatum
Tropidonophis aenigmaticus
Tropidonophis dahlii
Tropidonophis dendrophiops
Tropidonophis doriae
Tropidonophis elongatus
Tropidonophis halmahericus
Tropidonophis hypomelas
Tropidonophis mairii
Tropidonophis mcdowelli
Tropidonophis montanus
Tropidonophis multiscutellatus
Tropidonophis negrosensis
Tropidonophis novaeguineae
Tropidonophis parkeri
Tropidonophis picturatus
Tropidonophis punctiventris
Tropidonophis statistictus
Tropidonophis truncates
Virginia pulchra
Virginia striatula
Virginia valeriae
Amplorhinus multimaculatus
Limnophis bicolor
Natriciteres fuliginoides
Natriciteres olivacea
Natriciteres variegata
Psammodynastes pictus
Psammodynastes pulverulentus
Xenochrophis asperrimus
Xenochrophis bellula
Xenochrophis cerasogaster
Xenochrophis flavipunctatum
Xenochrophis maculatus
Xenochrophis piscator
Xenochrophis punctulatus
Xenochrophis sanctijohannis
Xenochrophis trianguligerus
Xenochrophis vittatus
Plagiopholis blakewayi
Plagiopholis delacouri
Plagiopholis nuchalis
Plagiopholis styani
Plagiopholis unipostocularis
Pseudoxenodon bambusicola
Pseudoxenodon baramensis
Pseudoxenodon inornatus
Pseudoxenodon karlschmidti
Pseudoxenodon macrops
Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri
Adelphicos daryi
Adelphicos ibarrorum
Adelphicos latifasciatus
Adelphicos nigrilatum
Adelphicos quadrivirgatus
Adelphicos veraepacis
Amastridium veliferum
Atractus albuquerquei
Atractus alphonsehogei
Atractus andinus
Atractus arangoi
Atractus badius
Atractus balzani
Atractus biseriatus
Atractus bocki
Atractus bocourti
Atractus boettgeri
Atractus boulengerii
Atractus canedii
Atractus carrioni
Atractus clarki
Atractus collaris
Atractus crassicaudatus
Atractus darienensis
Atractus depressiocellus
Atractus duidensis
Atractus dunni
Atractus ecuadorensis
Atractus elaps
Atractus emigdioi
Atractus emmeli
Atractus erythromelas
Atractus favae
Atractus flammigerus
Atractus fuliginosus
Atractus gaigeae
Atractus guentheri
Atractus hostilitractus
Atractus imperfectus
Atractus indistinctus
Atractus insipidus
Atractus iridescens
Atractus lancinii
Atractus lasallei
Atractus latifrons
Atractus lehmanni
Atractus limitaneus
Atractus loveridgei
Atractus maculatus
Atractus major
Atractus manizalesensis
Atractus mariselae
Atractus melanogaster
Atractus melas
Atractus micheli
Atractus microrhynchus
Atractus modestus
Atractus multicinctus
Atractus nebularis
Atractus nicefori
Atractus nigricaudus
Atractus nigriventris
Atractus obesus
Atractus obtusirostris
Atractus occidentalis
Atractus occipitoalbus
Atractus oculotemporalis
Atractus pamplonensis
Atractus pantostictus
Atractus paravertebralis
Atractus paucidens
Atractus pauciscutatus
Atractus peruvianus
Atractus poeppigi
Atractus potschi
Atractus punctiventris
Atractus resplendens
Atractus reticulatus
Atractus riveroi
Atractus roulei
Atractus sanctaemartae
Atractus sanguineus
Atractus schach
Atractus serranus
Atractus snethlageae
Atractus steyermarki
Atractus subbicinctum
Atractus taeniatus
Atractus taphorni
Atractus torquatus
Atractus trihedrurus
Atractus trilineatus
Atractus trivittatus
Atractus turikensis
Atractus univittatus
Atractus variegatus
Atractus ventrimaculatus
Atractus vertebralis
Atractus vertebrolineatus
Atractus vittatus
Atractus wagleri
Atractus werneri
Atractus zidoki
Chersodromus liebmanni
Chersodromus rubriventris
Coniophanes alvarezi
Coniophanes andresensis
Coniophanes bipunctatus
Coniophanes dromiciformis
Coniophanes fissidens
Coniophanes imperialis
Coniophanes joanae
Coniophanes lateritius
Coniophanes longinquus
Coniophanes meridanus
Coniophanes piceivittis
Coniophanes quinquevittatus
Coniophanes schmidti
Cryophis hallbergi
Dipsas albifrons
Dipsas articulata
Dipsas bicolor
Dipsas boettgeri
Dipsas brevifacies
Dipsas catesbyi
Dipsas chaparensis
Dipsas copei
Dipsas elegans
Dipsas gaigeae
Dipsas gracilis
Dipsas incerta
Dipsas indica
Dipsas infrenalis
Dipsas latifasciata
Dipsas latifrontalis
Dipsas maxillaris
Dipsas neivai
Dipsas oreas
Dipsas pavonina
Dipsas perijanensis
Dipsas peruana
Dipsas polylepis
Dipsas pratti
Dipsas sanctijoannis
Dipsas schunkii
Dipsas temporalis
Dipsas tenuissima
Dipsas variegata
Dipsas vermiculata
Dipsas viguieri
Eridiphas slevini
Geophis anocularis
Geophis bellus
Geophis betaniensis
Geophis bicolor
Geophis blanchardi
Geophis brachycephalus
Geophis cancellatus
Geophis carinosus
Geophis chalybeus
Geophis championi
Geophis damiani
Geophis downsi
Geophis dubius
Geophis duellmani
Geophis dugesii
Geophis dunni
Geophis fulvoguttatus
Geophis godmani
Geophis hoffmanni
Geophis immaculatus
Geophis incomptus
Geophis isthmicus
Geophis juliai
Geophis laticinctus
Geophis laticollaris
Geophis latifrontalis
Geophis maculiferus
Geophis mutitorques
Geophis nasalis
Geophis nigrocinctus
Geophis omiltemanus
Geophis petersii
Geophis pyburni
Geophis rhodogaster
Geophis russatus
Geophis ruthveni
Geophis sallaei
Geophis semidoliatus
Geophis sieboldi
Geophis talamancae
Geophis tarascae
Geophis zeledoni
Hypsiglena tanzeri
Hypsiglena torquata
Imantodes cenchoa
Imantodes gemmistratus
Imantodes inornatus
Imantodes lentiferus
Imantodes phantasma
Imantodes tenuissimus
Leptodeira annulata
Leptodeira bakeri
Leptodeira frenata
Leptodeira maculata
Leptodeira nigrofasciata
Leptodeira punctata
Leptodeira rubricata
Leptodeira septentrionalis
Leptodeira splendida
Ninia atrata
Ninia celata
Ninia diademata
Ninia espinali
Ninia hudsoni
Ninia maculata
Ninia pavimentata
Ninia psephota
Ninia sebae
Pliocercus euryzonus
Pliocercus wilmarai
Pseudoleptodeira latifasciata
Pseudoleptodeira uribei
Rhadinaea anachoreta
Rhadinaea bogertorum
Rhadinaea calligaster
Rhadinaea cuneata
Rhadinaea decorata
Rhadinaea flavilata
Rhadinaea forbesi
Rhadinaea fulvivittis
Rhadinaea gaigeae
Rhadinaea godmani
Rhadinaea hannsteini
Rhadinaea hempsteadae
Rhadinaea hesperia
Rhadinaea kanalchutchan
Rhadinaea kinkelini
Rhadinaea lachrymans
Rhadinaea laureata
Rhadinaea macdougalli
Rhadinaea marcellae
Rhadinaea montana
Rhadinaea montecristi
Rhadinaea myersi
Rhadinaea omiltemana
Rhadinaea pilonaorum
Rhadinaea posadasi
Rhadinaea pulveriventris
Rhadinaea quinquelineata
Rhadinaea rogerromani
Rhadinaea sargenti
Rhadinaea schistosa
Rhadinaea serperastra
Rhadinaea stadelmani
Rhadinaea taeniata
Rhadinaea tolpanorum
Rhadinaea vermiculaticeps
Sibon annulata
Sibon annulifera
Sibon anthracops
Sibon argus
Sibon carri
Sibon dimidiatus
Sibon dunni
Sibon fischeri
Sibon longifrenis
Sibon nebulatus
Sibon sanniola
Sibon sartorii
Sibynomorphus inaequifasciatus
Sibynomorphus lavillai
Sibynomorphus mikanii
Sibynomorphus neuwiedi
Sibynomorphus oligozonatus
Sibynomorphus oneilli
Sibynomorphus petersi
Sibynomorphus turgidus
Sibynomorphus vagrans
Sibynomorphus vagus
Sibynomorphus ventrimaculatus
Sibynomorphus williamsi
Tretanorhinus mocquardi
Tretanorhinus nigroluteus
Tretanorhinus taeniatus
Tretanorhinus variabilis
Trimetopon barbouri
Trimetopon gracile
Trimetopon pliolepis
Trimetopon simile
Trimetopon slevini
Trimetopon viquezi
Tropidodipsas fasciata
Tropidodipsas philippii
Tropidodipsas zweifeli
Urotheca decipiens
Urotheca dumerilli
Urotheca elapoides
Urotheca fulviceps
Urotheca guentheri
Urotheca lateristriga
Urotheca multilineata
Urotheca myersi
Urotheca pachyura
Calamodontophis paucidens
Carphophis amoenus
Carphophis vermis
Contia tenuis
Crisantophis nevermanni
Diadophis punctatus
Diaphorolepis laevis
Diaphorolepis wagneri
Echinanthera affinis
Echinanthera amoena
Echinanthera bilineata
Echinanthera brevirostris
Echinanthera cephalomaculata
Echinanthera cephalostriata
Echinanthera cyanopleura
Echinanthera melanostigma
Echinanthera occipitalis
Echinanthera persimilis
Echinanthera poecilopogon
Echinanthera undulata
Emmochliophis fugleri
Emmochliophis miops
Enuliophis sclateri
Enulius bifoveatus
Enulius flavitorques
Enulius oligostichus
Enulius roatanensis
Gomesophis brasiliensis
Hydromorphus concolor
Hydromorphus dunni
Nothopsis rugosus
Pseudotomodon trigonatus
Ptychophis flavovirgatus
Rhadinophanes monticola
Synophis bicolor
Synophis calamitus
Synophis lasallei
Synophis plectovertebralis
Tachymenis affinis
Tachymenis attenuata
Tachymenis chilensis
Tachymenis elongata
Tachymenis peruviana
Tachymenis surinamensis
Tachymenis tarmensis
Taeniophallus nicagus
Tantalophis discolor
Thamnodynastes almae
Thamnodynastes chaquensis
Thamnodynastes chimanta
Thamnodynastes corocoroensis
Thamnodynastes duida
Thamnodynastes gambotensis
Thamnodynastes hypoconia
Thamnodynastes marahuaquensis
Thamnodynastes pallidus
Thamnodynastes rutilus
Thamnodynastes strigatus
Thamnodynastes strigilis
Thamnodynastes yavi
Tomodon degener
Tomodon dorsatus
Tomodon ocellatus
Xenopholis scalaris
Xenopholis undulates
Alsophis anomalus
Alsophis antiguae
Alsophis antillensis
Alsophis ater
Alsophis biserialis
Alsophis cantherigerus
Alsophis elegans
Alsophis melanichnus
Alsophis portoricensis
Alsophis rijersmai
Alsophis rufiventris
Alsophis sanctaecrucis
Alsophis vudii
Antillophis andreae
Antillophis parvifrons
Apostolepis ambinigra
Apostolepis arenarius
Apostolepis assimilis
Apostolepis breviceps
Apostolepis cearensis
Apostolepis coronata
Apostolepis dimidiata
Apostolepis dorbignyi
Apostolepis flavotorquata
Apostolepis gaboi
Apostolepis goiasensis
Apostolepis intermedia
Apostolepis longicaudata
Apostolepis multicincta
Apostolepis niceforoi
Apostolepis nigroterminata
Apostolepis phillipsi
Apostolepis polylepis
Apostolepis pymi
Apostolepis quinquelineata
Apostolepis quirogai
Apostolepis sanctaeritae
Apostolepis tenuis
Apostolepis vittata
Arrhyton ainictum
Arrhyton callilaemum
Arrhyton dolichura
Arrhyton exiguum
Arrhyton funereum
Arrhyton landoi
Arrhyton polylepis
Arrhyton procerum
Arrhyton redimitum
Arrhyton supernum
Arrhyton taeniatum
Arrhyton tanyplectum
Arrhyton vittatum
Boiruna sertaneja
Clelia bicolor
Clelia clelia
Clelia equatoriana
Clelia errabunda
Clelia montana
Clelia quimi
Clelia rustica
Clelia scytalina
Conophis lineatus
Conophis pulcher
Conophis vittatus
Darlingtonia haetiana
Ditaxodon taeniatus
Drepanoides anomalus
Elapomorphus lemniscatus
Elapomorphus lepidus
Elapomorphus quinquelineatus
Elapomorphus spegazzinii
Elapomorphus wuchereri
Erythrolamprus aesculapii
Erythrolamprus bizonus
Erythrolamprus guentheri
Erythrolamprus mimus
Erythrolamprus ocellatus
Erythrolamprus pseudocorallus
Farancia abacura
Farancia erytrogramma
Helicops angulatus
Helicops carinicaudus
Helicops danieli
Helicops gomesi
Helicops hagmanni
Helicops hogei
Helicops infrataeniatus
Helicops leopardinus
Helicops modestus
Helicops pastazae
Helicops petersi
Helicops polylepis
Helicops scalaris
Helicops trivittatus
Helicops yacu
Heterodon nasicus (western hognose snake)
Heterodon platirhinos
Heterodon simus
Hydrodynastes bicinctus
Hydrodynastes gigas
Hydrops martii
Hydrops triangularis
Hypsirhynchus ferox
Ialtris agyrtes
Ialtris dorsalis
Ialtris parishi
Liophis albiceps
Liophis almadensis
Liophis amarali
Liophis andinus
Liophis angustilineatus
Liophis anomalus
Liophis atraventer
Liophis boursieri
Liophis breviceps
Liophis carajasensis
Liophis ceii
Liophis cobellus
Liophis cursor
Liophis dilepis
Liophis elegantissimus
Liophis epinephelus
Liophis festae
Liophis flavifrenatus
Liophis frenatus
Liophis guentheri
Liophis jaegeri
Liophis janaleeae
Liophis juliae
Liophis leucogaster
Liophis lineatus
Liophis longiventris
Liophis maryellenae
Liophis melanauchen
Liophis melanotus
Liophis meridionalis
Liophis miliaris
Liophis ornatus
Liophis paucidens
Liophis perfuscus
Liophis poecilogyrus
Liophis problematicus
Liophis reginae
Liophis sagittifer
Liophis steinbachi
Liophis subocularis
Liophis tachymenoides
Liophis taeniurus
Liophis torrenicolus
Liophis triscalis
Liophis tristriatus
Liophis typhlus
Liophis vanzolinii
Liophis viridis
Liophis vitti
Liophis williamsi
Lystrophis dorbignyi
Lystrophis histricus
Lystrophis matogrossensis
Lystrophis pulcher
Lystrophis semicinctus
Manolepis putnami
Oxyrhopus clathratus
Oxyrhopus doliatus
Oxyrhopus fitzingeri
Oxyrhopus formosus
Oxyrhopus guibei
Oxyrhopus leucomelas
Oxyrhopus marcapatae
Oxyrhopus melanogenys
Oxyrhopus occipitalis
Oxyrhopus petola
Oxyrhopus rhombifer
Oxyrhopus trigeminus
Oxyrhopus venezuelanus
Phalotris bilineatus
Phalotris concolor
Phalotris cuyanus
Phalotris lativittatus
Phalotris mertensi
Phalotris multipunctatus
Phalotris nasutus
Phalotris nigrilatus
Phalotris punctatus
Phalotris tricolor
Philodryas aestivus
Philodryas arnaldoi
Philodryas baroni
Philodryas bolivianus
Philodryas chamissonis
Philodryas cordatus
Philodryas hoodensis
Philodryas inca
Philodryas laticeps
Philodryas livida
Philodryas mattogrossensis
Philodryas nattereri
Philodryas olfersii
Philodryas oligolepis
Philodryas patagoniensis
Philodryas psammophideus
Philodryas simonsii
Philodryas tachymenoides
Philodryas trilineatus
Philodryas varius
Philodryas viridissimus
Phimophis chui
Phimophis guerini
Phimophis guianensis
Phimophis iglesiasi
Phimophis scriptorcibatus
Phimophis vittatus
Pseudablabes agassizii
Pseudoboa coronata
Pseudoboa haasi
Pseudoboa neuwiedii
Pseudoboa nigra
Pseudoboa serrana
Pseudoeryx plicatilis
Psomophis genimaculatus
Psomophis joberti
Psomophis obtusus
Saphenophis antioquiensis
Saphenophis atahuallpae
Saphenophis sneiderni
Siphlophis cervinus
Siphlophis leucocephalus
Siphlophis longicaudatus
Siphlophis pulcher
Siphlophis worontzowi
Tropidodryas serra
Tropidodryas striaticeps
Umbrivaga mertensi
Umbrivaga pyburni
Umbrivaga pygmaea
Uromacer catesbyi
Uromacer frenatus
Uromacer oxyrhynchus
Uromacerina ricardinii
Waglerophis merremi
Xenodon guentheri
Xenodon neuwiedii
Xenodon rabdocephalus
Xenodon severus
Xenodon werneri
Xenoxybelis argenteus
Cercophis auratus
Lioheterophis iheringi
Sordellina punctata
Blythia reticulata
Cercaspis carinatus
Cyclocorus lineatus
Cyclocorus nuchalis
Elapoidis fusca
Gongylosoma baliodeirus
Gongylosoma longicauda
Gongylosoma nicobariensis
Haplocercus ceylonensis
Helophis schoutedeni
Myersophis alpestris
Oreocalamus hanitschi
Poecilopholis cameronensis
Rhabdops bicolor
Rhabdops olivaceus
Tetralepis fruhstorferi
Thermophis baileyi
Trachischium fuscum
Trachischium guentheri
Trachischium laeve
Trachischium monticola
Trachischium tenuiceps

Elapidae (cobras, kraits, coral snakes) (137 spp)

Aspidelaps lubricus
Aspidelaps scutatus
Boulengerina annulata
Boulengerina christyi
Bungarus andamanensis
Bungarus bungaroides
Bungarus caeruleus
Bungarus candidus
Bungarus ceylonicus
Bungarus fasciatus (banded krait)
Bungarus flaviceps
Bungarus lividus
Bungarus magnimaculatus
Bungarus multicinctus
Bungarus niger
Bungarus sindanus
Calliophis beddomei
Calliophis bibroni
Calliophis calligaster
Calliophis gracilis
Calliophis kelloggi
Calliophis macclellandi
Calliophis maculiceps
Calliophis melanurus
Calliophis nigrescens
Dendroaspis angusticeps
Dendroaspis jamesoni
Dendroaspis polylepis (black mamba)
Dendroaspis viridis
Elapsoidea broadleyi
Elapsoidea chelazzii
Elapsoidea guentherii
Elapsoidea laticincta
Elapsoidea loveridgei
Elapsoidea nigra
Elapsoidea semiannulata
Elapsoidea sundevallii
Elapsoidea trapei
Hemachatus haemachatus
Hemibungarus hatori
Hemibungarus japonicus
Hemibungarus sauteri
Homoroselaps dorsalis
Homoroselaps lacteus
Maticora bivirgata
Maticora intestinalis
Micruroides euryxanthus
Micrurus alleni
Micrurus altirostris
Micrurus ancoralis
Micrurus annellatus
Micrurus averyi
Micrurus bernadi
Micrurus bocourti
Micrurus bogerti
Micrurus browni
Micrurus catamayensis
Micrurus clarki
Micrurus collaris
Micrurus corallinus
Micrurus decoratus
Micrurus diana
Micrurus diastema
Micrurus dissoleucus
Micrurus distans
Micrurus dumerilii
Micrurus elegans
Micrurus ephippifer
Micrurus filiformis
Micrurus frontalis
Micrurus frontifasciatus
Micrurus fulvius
Micrurus hemprichii
Micrurus hippocrepis
Micrurus ibiboboca
Micrurus isozonus
Micrurus langsdorffi
Micrurus laticollaris
Micrurus latifasciatus
Micrurus lemniscatus
Micrurus limbatus
Micrurus margaritiferus
Micrurus medemi
Micrurus mertensi
Micrurus mipartitus
Micrurus multifasciatus
Micrurus multiscutatus
Micrurus narduccii
Micrurus nebularis
Micrurus nigrocinctus
Micrurus pacaraimae
Micrurus pachecogili
Micrurus paraensis
Micrurus peruvianus
Micrurus petersi
Micrurus proximans
Micrurus psyches
Micrurus putumayensis
Micrurus pyrrhocryptus
Micrurus remotus
Micrurus ruatanus
Micrurus sangilensis
Micrurus scutiventris
Micrurus spixii
Micrurus spurelli
Micrurus steindachneri
Micrurus stewarti
Micrurus stuarti
Micrurus surinamensis
Micrurus tener
Micrurus tricolor
Micrurus tschudii
Naja annulifera
Naja atra
Naja haje
Naja kaouthia
Naja katiensis
Naja mandalayensis
Naja melanoleuca
Naja mossambica
Naja naja
Naja nigricollis
Naja nivea
Naja nubiae
Naja oxiana
Naja pallida
Naja philippinensis
Naja sagittifera
Naja samarensis
Naja siamensis
Naja sputatrix
Naja sumatrana
Ophiophagus hannah (king cobra)
Paranaja multifasciata
Pseudohaje goldii
Pseudohaje nigra
Walterinnesia aegyptia

Hydrophiidae (sea snakes) (176 spp)

Acalyptophis peronii
Acanthophis antarcticus (death adder)
Acanthophis barnetti
Acanthophis crotalusei
Acanthophis cummingi
Acanthophis hawkei
Acanthophis praelongus
Acanthophis pyrrhus
Acanthophis wellsei
Acanthophis woolfi
Aipysurus apraefrontalis
Aipysurus duboisii
Aipysurus eydouxii
Aipysurus foliosquama
Aipysurus fuscus
Aipysurus laevis
Aipysurus pooleorum
Aipysurus tenuis
Aspidomorphus lineaticollis
Aspidomorphus muelleri
Aspidomorphus schlegeli
Astrotia stokesii
Austrelaps labialis
Austrelaps ramsayi
Austrelaps superbus
Cacophis churchilli
Cacophis harriettae
Cacophis krefftii
Cacophis squamulosus
Demansia atra
Demansia calodera
Demansia olivacea
Demansia papuensis
Demansia psammophis
Demansia rufescens
Demansia simplex
Demansia torquata
Denisonia devisi
Denisonia maculata
Disteira kingii
Disteira major
Disteira nigrocincta
Disteira walli
Drysdalia coronoides
Drysdalia mastersii
Drysdalia rhodogaster
Echiopsis atriceps
Echiopsis curta
Elapognathus coronata
Elapognathus minor
Emydocephalus annulatus
Emydocephalus ijimae
Enhydrina schistosa
Enhydrina zweifeli
Ephalophis greyae
Furina barnardi
Furina diadema
Furina dunmalli
Furina ornata
Furina tristis
Hemiaspis damelii
Hemiaspis signata
Hoplocephalus bitorquatus
Hoplocephalus bungaroides
Hoplocephalus stephensii
Hydrelaps darwiniensis
Hydrophis atriceps
Hydrophis belcheri
Hydrophis bituberculatus
Hydrophis brooki
Hydrophis caerulescens
Hydrophis coggeri
Hydrophis cyanocinctus
Hydrophis czeblukovi
Hydrophis elegans
Hydrophis fasciatus
Hydrophis inornatus
Hydrophis klossi
Hydrophis laboutei
Hydrophis lamberti
Hydrophis lapemoides
Hydrophis mamillaris
Hydrophis mcdowelli
Hydrophis melanocephalus
Hydrophis melanosoma
Hydrophis obscurus
Hydrophis ornatus
Hydrophis pacificus
Hydrophis parviceps
Hydrophis semperi
Hydrophis sibauensis
Hydrophis spiralis
Hydrophis stricticollis
Hydrophis torquatus
Hydrophis vorisi
Kerilia jerdonii
Kolpophis annandalei
Lapemis curtus
Lapemis hardwickii
Laticauda colubrina
Laticauda crockeri
Laticauda laticaudata
Laticauda schistorhynchus
Laticauda semifasciata
Loveridgelaps elapoides
Micropechis ikaheka
Notechis ater
Notechis scutatus
Ogmodon vitianus
Oxyuranus microlepidotus
Oxyuranus scutellatus
Pailsus pailsei
Parahydrophis mertoni
Parapistocalamus hedigeri
Pelamis platura
Pseudechis australis
Pseudechis butleri
Pseudechis colletti
Pseudechis guttatus
Pseudechis papuanus
Pseudechis porphyriacus
Pseudonaja affinis
Pseudonaja guttata
Pseudonaja inframacula
Pseudonaja ingrami
Pseudonaja modesta
Pseudonaja nuchalis
Pseudonaja textiles
Rhinoplocephalus bicolor
Rhinoplocephalus boschmai
Rhinoplocephalus incredibilis
Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens
Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus
Rhinoplocephalus pallidiceps
Salomonelaps par
Simoselaps anomalus
Simoselaps approximans
Simoselaps australis
Simoselaps bertholdi
Simoselaps bimaculatus
Simoselaps calonotus
Simoselaps fasciolatus
Simoselaps incinctus
Simoselaps littoralis
Simoselaps minimus
Simoselaps morrisi
Simoselaps roperi
Simoselaps semifasciatus
Simoselaps warro
Suta dwyeri
Suta fasciata
Suta flagellum
Suta gouldii
Suta monachus
Suta nigriceps
Suta ordensis
Suta punctata
Suta spectabilis
Suta suta
Thalassophina viperina
Thalassophis anomalus
Toxicocalamus buergersi
Toxicocalamus grandis
Toxicocalamus holopelturus
Toxicocalamus longissimus
Toxicocalamus loriae
Toxicocalamus misimae
Toxicocalamus preussi
Toxicocalamus spilolepidotus
Toxicocalamus stanleyanus
Tropidechis carinatus
Vermicella annulata
Vermicella intermedia
Vermicella multifasciata
Vermicella snelli
Vermicella vermiformis

Viperidae (vipers and pit vipers) (250 spp)

Agkistrodon bilineatus
Agkistrodon contortrix (copperhead)
Agkistrodon piscivorus
Atropoides nummifer
Atropoides olmec
Atropoides picadoi
Bothriechis aurifer
Bothriechis bicolor
Bothriechis lateralis
Bothriechis marchi
Bothriechis nigroviridis
Bothriechis rowleyi
Bothriechis schlegelii
Bothriechis thalassinus
Bothriopsis bilineata
Bothriopsis medusa
Bothriopsis oligolepis
Bothriopsis peruviana
Bothriopsis pulchra
Bothriopsis punctata
Bothriopsis taeniata
Bothrocophias campbelli
Bothrocophias hyoprora
Bothrocophias microphthalmus
Bothrocophias myersi
Bothrops alcatraz
Bothrops alternatus
Bothrops ammodytoides
Bothrops andianus
Bothrops asper
Bothrops atrox
Bothrops barnetti
Bothrops brazili
Bothrops caribbaeus
Bothrops colombianus
Bothrops colombiensis
Bothrops cotiara
Bothrops erythromelas
Bothrops fonsecai
Bothrops iglesiasi
Bothrops insularis
Bothrops itapetiningae
Bothrops jararaca
Bothrops jararacussu
Bothrops jonathani
Bothrops lanceolatus
Bothrops leucurus
Bothrops lojanus
Bothrops marajoensis
Bothrops moojeni
Bothrops muriciensis
Bothrops neuwiedi
Bothrops pictus
Bothrops pirajai
Bothrops sanctaecrucis
Bothrops venezuelensis
Calloselasma rhodostoma
Cerrophidion barbouri
Cerrophidion godmani
Cerrophidion petlalcalensis
Cerrophidion tzotzilorum
Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern diamondback rattlesnake)
Crotalus aquilus
Crotalus atrox
Crotalus basiliscus
Crotalus catalinensis
Crotalus cerastes
Crotalus durissus
Crotalus enyo
Crotalus exsul
Crotalus horridus
Crotalus intermedius
Crotalus lannomi
Crotalus lepidus
Crotalus mitchelli
Crotalus molossus
Crotalus polystictus
Crotalus pricei
Crotalus pusillus
Crotalus ruber
Crotalus scutulatus
Crotalus stejnegeri
Crotalus tigris
Crotalus tortugensis
Crotalus transversus
Crotalus triseriatus
Crotalus unicolor
Crotalus vegrandis
Crotalus viridis
Crotalus willardi
Deinagkistrodon acutus
Ermia mangshanensis
Gloydius blomhoffi
Gloydius halys
Gloydius himalayanus
Gloydius intermedius
Gloydius monticola
Gloydius saxatilis
Gloydius shedaoensis
Gloydius strauchi
Gloydius tsushimaensis
Gloydius ussuriensis
Hypnale hypnale
Hypnale nepa
Hypnale walli
Lachesis melanocephala
Lachesis muta
Lachesis stenophrys
Ophryacus melanurus
Ophryacus undulates
Ovophis chaseni
Ovophis monticola
Ovophis okinavensis
Ovophis tonkinensis
Porthidium dunni
Porthidium hespere
Porthidium lansbergii
Porthidium nasutum
Porthidium ophryomegas
Porthidium volcanicum
Porthidium yucatanicum
Protobothrops elegans
Protobothrops flavoviridis
Protobothrops jerdonii
Protobothrops kaulbacki
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus
Protobothrops strigatus
Protobothrops tokarensis
Sistrurus catenatus
Sistrurus miliarius
Sistrurus ravus
Triceratolepidophis sieversorum
Trimeresurus albolabris
Trimeresurus andersonii
Trimeresurus borneensis
Trimeresurus brongersmai
Trimeresurus cantori
Trimeresurus cornutus
Trimeresurus erythrurus
Trimeresurus fasciatus
Trimeresurus flavomaculatus
Trimeresurus gracilis
Trimeresurus gramineus
Trimeresurus gumprechti
Trimeresurus hageni
Trimeresurus kanburiensis
Trimeresurus karanshahi
Trimeresurus labialis
Trimeresurus macrolepis
Trimeresurus macrops
Trimeresurus malabaricus
Trimeresurus malcolmi
Trimeresurus medoensis
Trimeresurus popeiorum
Trimeresurus puniceus
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
Trimeresurus schultzei
Trimeresurus stejnegeri
Trimeresurus sumatranus
Trimeresurus tibetanus
Trimeresurus trigonocephalus
Trimeresurus vogeli
Trimeresurus xiangchengensis
Trimeresurus yunnanensis
Tropidolaemus huttoni
Tropidolaemus wagleri
Adenorhinos barbouri
Atheris acuminata
Atheris broadleyi
Atheris ceratophora
Atheris chlorechis
Atheris desaixi
Atheris hirsuta
Atheris hispida
Atheris katangensis
Atheris nitschei
Atheris rungweensis
Atheris squamigera
Atheris subocularis
Bitis albanica
Bitis arietans
Bitis armata
Bitis atropos
Bitis caudalis
Bitis cornuta
Bitis gabonica
Bitis heraldica
Bitis inornata
Bitis nasicornis
Bitis parviocula
Bitis peringueyi
Bitis rubida
Bitis schneideri
Bitis worthingtoni
Bitis xeropaga
Cerastes cerastes
Cerastes gasperettii
Cerastes vipera
Daboia russelii
Echis carinatus
Echis coloratus
Echis hughesi
Echis jogeri
Echis leucogaster
Echis megalocephalus
Echis ocellatus
Echis pyramidum
Eristicophis macmahoni
Macrovipera deserti
Macrovipera lebetina
Macrovipera mauritanica
Macrovipera schweizeri
Montatheris hindii
Proatheris superciliaris
Pseudocerastes fieldi
Pseudocerastes persicus
Vipera albizona
Vipera ammodytes
Vipera aspis
Vipera barani
Vipera berus
Vipera bornmuelleri
Vipera darevskii
Vipera dinniki
Vipera eriwanensis
Vipera kaznakovi
Vipera latastei
Vipera latifii
Vipera lotievi
Vipera magnifica
Vipera monticola
Vipera nikolskii
Vipera orlovi
Vipera palaestinae
Vipera pontica
Vipera raddei
Vipera renardi
Vipera sachalinensis
Vipera seoanei
Vipera transcaucasiana
Vipera ursinii
Vipera wagneri
Vipera xanthina
Causus bilineatus
Causus defilippii
Causus lichtensteinii
Causus maculatus
Causus resimus
Causus rhombeatus
Azemiops feae

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