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Frogs Vs. Toads

By Snaketracks / September 2, 2020

Difference Between Frogs And Toads Are frogs and toads the same? Well, “Anura” -literally meaning without tail in Ancient Greek. It’s an order of amphibians (about 5000 species known to science so far) which are usually referred to as “frogs”, to which both frogs and toads belong. Therefore, all frogs and toads fall under the […]


The Best Pet Frogs

By Snaketracks / August 3, 2020

Top 10 Best Pet Frogs The Best Pet Frogs are known for their croaking sounds, jumping abilities, and bulging eyes. While pet frogs aren’t an interactive pet, they make great display pets and are very forgiving as far as care goes. Frogs have been around for quite a long time: the oldest fossil “proto-frog” dates from […]


Do Snakes Have Teeth?

By Snaketracks / July 27, 2020

Do Snakes Have Teeth? There are over 3000 species of snake; not all have the same anatomy and teeth is one example of this. However, most snakes have teeth! Even if most snakes do have teeth, not all snakes will have fangs. There’s a difference. Fangs are the long, pointed teeth. In mammals, fangs are […]


Do Lizards Play Dead?

By Snaketracks / July 8, 2020

Dead Lizard? Yes, several lizards can play dead! Death-feigning (also known as thanatosis -from the Greek noun θανάτωσις, meaning “putting to death”; and Thanatos, meaning catalepsy, or tonic immobility) is a state of immobility assumed in response to external stimuli. It can be for various reasons, such as a prey evading a predator,  a predator […]


Snake Laws

By Snaketracks / June 23, 2020

VENOMOUS SNAKES LAWS Keeping venomous snakes is regulated for 3 key reasons, but as with most laws the main reason is safety and general public health. Ecosystem preservation is also a concern that laws regulating the tenure and ownership of venomous snakes normally takes into consideration, since when these snakes are released in the wild, […]


Snake Eye Caps (Retained Eye Caps)

By Snaketracks / June 15, 2020

Snake Eyes & Retained Eye Caps Snake eye caps are a transparent scale (actually part of the skin) and can have a number of potential issues. Snakes evolved from lizards but have dramatically different eyes. These differences are cited widely as compelling evidence that snakes had fossorial and nocturnal ancestors. [1] In fact, most scientists […]


Best Reptiles For Kids

By Snaketracks / June 1, 2020

Top 10 Best Reptiles For Kids Choosing the best reptile for your kids can be a daunting task. Afterall we want to make sure our kids are safe and of course the pets too. In this article, we propose a list of the 10 reptiles we consider to be the most suitable for kids. However, the […]


Reptile Laws

By Snaketracks / May 15, 2020

REPTILE & EXOTIC ANIMAL LAWS Overview (in the US, UK, Continental Europe, Canada, and Australia) There are at least four reasons why keeping certain species of exotic animals (and reptiles in particular) in private households is regulated by the law: protection of endangered species issues of public health and human safety animal welfare ecosystem preservation […]


Reptile Fogger Vs Mister

By Snaketracks / April 26, 2020

Difference Between Foggers And Misters As a general rule, reptiles kept in artificial environments, need humidity. A moist reptile habitat is not only required for hydration but also for incubation of eggs, shedding, and other reptile behaviors. On top of it, a comfortable environment makes reptiles feel safe and therefore, less stressed. There are two ways of […]


Gravid Snake

By Snaketracks / April 20, 2020

Do You Have A Pregnant Snake? Is your snake pregnant? How can you know? In this article we will cover the different types of snake reproduction as well give you tips on how to tell if your snake is gravid. Quick Reference Section Why Do Some Snakes Give Birth To Live Young And Other Lay […]

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