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Best Pet Salamander

By Snaketracks / July 26, 2021

Choosing the best pet salamander for you will depend on what your preferences are, how much time you can give to caring for it, and your budget. There are plenty of different types of species that you can choose from, depending on what you might be looking for in a new pet.  While some people […]


Lizard Identification

By Snaketracks / July 21, 2021

Identifying lizards is similar to identifying any living thing, knowing their geographic ranges can help you narrow down the species. That being said it doesn’t make it super easy since there are several thousands of lizard species all around the world. From there you can easily find out the species. However with pet lizards, this […]


Frog Identification

By Snaketracks / July 20, 2021

Frog identification can be tough and when it comes to pet frogs narrowing down a frog species can be very difficult especially if you do not know the native geographic range of the frog. However for wild frogs, once you know the geographic location of the frog, you can much easily narrow down the species. […]


Snake Identification

By Snaketracks / July 18, 2021

Snake identification is necessary and important for many different people. You might want to identify a pet snake, or know if the snake in your backyard or in the area is venomous. Or maybe you are just curious about snakes. Whatever the case, this article will help you to identify some of the most common […]


Best Pet Amphibians

By Edward Hodsdon / March 12, 2021

10 Best Pet Amphibians The best pet amphibians vary from person to person and include species ranging from frogs to salamanders to the axolotl. With amphibians, you’ll have a pet that is fascinating to observe and fun to watch. But they also have certain care requirements that you should bear in mind. Most of these […]


Best Pet Toads

By Snaketracks / January 18, 2021

Best Pet Toads For Beginners The best pet toads are the ones that look the coolest, are hardy, and don’t need a massive setup. Below are the top 7 toads that we think make great pets, if you’re into that sort of thing. They are each categorized by beginner, intermediate, or expert levels. Toads have […]


What do Frogs & Toads Eat?

By Snaketracks / September 24, 2020

Is A Toad’s Diet The Same As A Frog’s Diet? Both frogs and toads have similar feeding habits. In fact, toads are frogs. They are both carnivorous which means that they will eat meat. They eat insects that are readily available in the region of the world they live in. Aquatic frogs eat brine shrimp […]


How To Keep Frogs Out Of a Pool

By Snaketracks / September 23, 2020

How To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool From a frog’s point of view, your pool might look like paradise, especially if it attracts a lot of bugs and insects. From a pool owner’s point of view, having these little guests might be problematic, particularly when dealing with dead frogs. In general, whatever works to […]


Frogs Vs. Toads

By Snaketracks / September 2, 2020

Difference Between Frogs And Toads Are frogs and toads the same? Well, “Anura” -literally meaning without tail in Ancient Greek. It’s an order of amphibians (about 5000 species known to science so far) which are usually referred to as “frogs”, to which both frogs and toads belong. Therefore, all frogs and toads fall under the […]


The Best Pet Frogs

By Snaketracks / August 3, 2020

The Best Pet Frogs are known for their croaking sounds, jumping abilities, and bulging eyes. While pet frogs aren’t an interactive pet, they make great display pets and are very forgiving as far as care goes. Frogs have been around for quite a long time: the oldest fossil “proto-frog” dates from the early Triassic but their […]

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