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What To Know About Spider Poop

We all know the old saying that everybody poops.

Well, that even extends to spiders. You may have not thought about spider poop, but there are a few things that you should know about it if you have spiders in your home, or are even keeping a spider as a pet.

There are more than 45,000 known species of spiders in the world. There are many interesting facts to know about spiders, but this article will cover what you need to know about their poop. What does spider poop look like?

Do spiders pee? Can spiders become impacted, or constipated? If you are looking to get these questions answered then you came to the right place.

Let’s get into spider poop and the things you may want to know about it.

What Does Spider Poop Look Like?

Spider droppings in a wooden door corner taken by NY State IPM Program at Cornell University
Spider droppings in a wooden door corner taken by NY State IPM Program at Cornell University.

Spider poop is easy to identify when you know what to look for. Spider poop is not like human or other animal droppings. It is not solid, but more semi-liquid.

Spider poop has a very similar appearance to paint splatter, or even looks like the dab of a pen. It is small and resembles tiny bird droppings.

Spider poop has dark black, tan, gray, or white coloring. Their liquid-like droppings are made out of the waste from what they eat.

Spider poop in larger spiders can be bigger, and its color can also vary depending on the species.

Where to Find Spider Poop

Since spider poop is very small you may not notice it at first. They usually do not poop in their web, but under it, or in an area right next to where they weave their home. Spider poop in the wild is extremely hard to find, due to its size. On plants, leaves, trees, and in the ground are areas they may poop. 

Indoors, spider poop is typically found on walls. Dark, and undisturbed areas where spiders are more likely to live are where you can usually find spider poop. If you have white walls then you may easily spot their dark black, sometimes white markings. Window sills are also a common area where spiders poop since they frequent these areas looking for insects.

How Often Do Spiders Poop?

Spiders do not need to poop often, and it varies how much they poop depends on their diet. If a spider eats more often then it may need to excrete waste more quickly.

Spiders like tarantulas that do not eat often may only need to poop around once a month. Some spiders may need to poop more often, if they are constantly eating, and can poop daily.

Do Spiders Pee?

Spiders unlike humans do not have separate waste holes for excreting poop and pee. Spiders’ poop and liquid waste usually come out at the same time.

Spider produces uric acid instead of pee, which is more solid than liquid. Spiders cannot pee since they cannot afford to lose the liquid from their body.

Is Spider Poop Dangerous

Large spider pooping taken by Susannah Anderson
Large spider pooping taken by Susannah Anderson.

You may wonder if spider poop is dangerous since there are several spider species that primarily live indoors. If they make their web in areas like the kitchen or your bedroom, is there a chance for them to spread bacteria through their wastes?

While studies have shown insects like flies and their poops can spread deadly bacteria like salmonella, what about spiders? Since spiders feed on dirty insects like flies does that mean their poop is dangerous?

While not many studies have been done on spider feces there was one done by Melissa Gaver-Wainwright that researched the potential pathogens found in spider poop. Using the waste from a western black widow (Latrodectus hesperus), Melissa sought to see if any bacteria would grow within the fecal matter. To her surprise, there were no identifiable bacteria in the spider’s waste. 

Spider poop is non-toxic, and since there are anti-bacterial properties in some spiders’ blood and venom, it is not likely for their poop to be able to spread disease like other animals.

If you are concerned about methods for pest control, read on.

How To Clean Spider Poop?

Small spider sitting in a white etch on the wall full of poop taken by ashleigh290
Small spider sitting in a white etch on the wall full of poop taken by ashleigh290.

Spider poop is not likely dangerous, but you should not allow it to sit in your home. Spider poop can stain in and around your home. If you have an area that is getting lots of spider poop it may even mean you have an infestation. 

Don’t worry if you have spider poop on your walls, as there are multiple ways to get rid of it. Using a bleach substance mixed with water can help remove any strain, including spider poop. Soap and water, wet wipes, and commercial stain remover is also common methods to get rid of spider poop stain on walls. You may need to use a heavy-duty sponge, or scrubber if the poop has been sitting for a long time. 

Spider Poop and Infestation

If you notice spider poop in your home that not only means you have spiders in the area but it may also have an infestation. Spiders typically poop in secluded areas away from humans, and in places that have lots of insect traffic. Knowing what spider poop looks like, and finding it in your house can help rid of a potential spider infestation in your home. 

House spiders, jumping spiders, brown recluses, ground spiders, cellar spiders, hobo spiders, and wolf spiders are the most common types that may make their way into your home. You may even find spider poop in areas outside your home like on boats, sheds, and even your car. Looking at the spiders in your area is best to see the species that live near you.

If you see lots of white, or dark liquid-like droppings make a note. Keep the area clean, and free of their webs. Spider webs may sometimes have pheromones in them that can attract other spiders. Limiting the insects that spiders use to survive is the best way to limit the spiders in your home.

Tarantula Poop

Tarantula that pooped on Reddit User Comin_Up_Thrillho's hand
Tarantula that pooped on Reddit User Comin_Up_Thrillho‘s hand.

Spider poop is something most people never think about. If you have a pet tarantula it is something you deal with regularly. Tarantulas have larger poop than other spiders, but it is still very liquid. If you keep one as a pet you may notice they tend to poop in the same area. Be sure to regularly clean your tarantula water dish, cause this is one of their favorite pooping spots.

Spider poop and tarantula poop do not have a strong smell. It is best to regularly clean their cages, and get rid of the poop, and uneaten food in their home. Tarantulas typically poop after being fed. 

Tarantula Impaction

One thing to look out for is if your pet tarantula is not pooping. If they have stopped pooping it can be a sign of impaction, which is a serious life-threatening issue. Impaction occurs when a tarantula’s anus is obstructed. While the tarantulas with an impaction will continue to eat and drink, waste builds up inside them, causing death over time.

Acting very lethargic, having fecal build-up around the anus, swollen spinnerets, and constant scratching of the butt area are signs of impaction to look out for. Other strange behaviors your spider shows like getting out from its burrow when it is a burrowing species can also be signs of impaction. They may have hard or misshapen abdomens also. 

While you can attempt to clear a tarantula’s impaction by removing the obstruction, it is usually unsuccessful, and may still cause death later on. Tarantula impaction may be caused by a bad molt, unseen internal trauma, dehydration, or bad food. 

Unfortunately, when you see the signs that your tarantula may have impaction it may be too late. Giving them plenty of water, controlling their weight, and doing regular checkups are best to keep your tarantula safe.


Spider poop can appear in colors like white, tan, dark brown, or black. It is liquid and looks similar to paint, or ink splats. Spider poop is not dangerous, but you should clean it in your home to prevent it from staining your walls. Having an abundance of spider poop in your home can also be a sign of an infestation. 

If you have a pet tarantula you should take extra care to monitor their health and poop. Impaction, while uncommon, is deadly. Not much is known about impaction, but you should know the signs to look out for. As time goes on hopefully more will be discovered about impaction. 

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