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The Sandfish Skink

Sandfish Skink The Sandfish Skink (Scientific: Scincus scincus) is an interestingly beautiful type of skink with a good temperament. This skink is a sand-dweller. This lizard is of the family Scincidae. It’s native to desert regions throughout North Africa and around the southwest Asia. The Sandfish Skink is named appropriately because of its amazing ability …

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The Pink-Tongued Skink

The Pink-tongued skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii) is a lizard from the family scincidae. Easily distinguished by their pink tongues (hence the name) and striking colors, this species of skink was relatively unknown but is growing in popularity in the reptile community. They are known to be quite laid-back, friendly, and are regarded as a good beginner’s …

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