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Best Bedding for Corn Snakes

The corn snake, scientifically known as Pantherophis guttatus, is one of the most popular snakes kept as pets. This is because they are tough, attractive, gentle and friendly.

However, regardless of how adaptable and tough the corn snake is, you need to properly care for it. You need to feed it regularly and properly. You also need to provide the right temperature gradient and humidity level. Importantly, you need to get the best bedding for the corn snakes.

The corn snake likes to burrow in its bedding, so it is important you get it right so it doesn’t get irritated or even worse – injured.

Here are the best bedding/substrates for your pet corn snake.

Best Bedding for Corn Snakes Comparison

1. Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

The first bedding we will look at is the Aspen bedding from Zoo Med; this is one of the most popular snake substrates due to its price, appearance, and softness.

Corn snakes like it because it is comfortable and doesn’t irritate their scales. In addition, they can easily and safely burrow in it. Why should the pet owners like this bedding? Its light color brightens up the snake terrarium or vivarium. It is also economical and easy to clean. Furthermore, it reduces the presence of bad odor.

Dust-free, super absorbent, safe, and easy to clean, the Zoo Med aspen snake bedding is arguably the best substrate for corn snakes.

2. Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding

The next substrate we will be looking at is the ever-popular Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding. This substrate is made from coco coir and as such, it is great for regulating humidity levels. This is important when it comes to shedding. Adequate humidity ensures that the shedding process happens without any issues. It is also great at ridding the terrarium of any bad odor.

Best of all, in addition to absorbing bad odors and promoting optimal humidity levels, this substrate doesn’t mold. It is also a great substrate for incubating corn snake eggs. If you need to create a humidity box, this is the best substrate to use.

3. Galapagos Aspen Digs Shavings Bedding

Made in the United States, this bedding is super absorbent and stops bad odor. It is also made from sustainable materials. Importantly, it doesn’t contain any toxic resins and oils that are harmful to snakes.

As with the other substrates reviewed, the Galapagos Aspen Digs Shavings Bedding is dust-free and easy to clean. It also promotes the ideal humidity level for the corn snake (also known as the rat snake).

The rat snake is a burrowing snake and as such, it is important that you acquire bedding that won’t irritate its scales and is safe to burrow in. This snake bedding offers both conditions. This makes it one of the best substrates that you can find.

4. Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

The Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made of cypress mulch, which is one of the most popular bedding types for snakes. This bedding is 100% organic and natural.

Its pros include its marvelous ability to maintain great humidity levels and its longevity. Once you moisten it a bit, it takes weeks to dry up. Another impressive feat of this substrate is its ability to remain odorless regardless of how damp it is. Since it is important to maintain a humidity level of 40 to 60 percent when it comes to the corn snake, ensure the substrate isn’t too damp.

5. ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile Substrate

The last substrate we will be looking at is a coco chips substrate. This eco-friendly bedding absorbs bad odors, produces no dust, and allows your snake to burrow with ease. Of course, it is also great at retaining humidity, which snakes need to shed.

It is non abrasive and as such, it doesn’t harm the snake. Additionally, it doesn’t mold. It doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria and fungi even when damp. This makes it ideal for all types of snakes. Although it may be more expensive than the other bedding on this list, it is the best in terms of quality.


If you take good care of your snake, it will live a long and happy life. Good care includes getting the best substrates. These beddings ensure humidity levels are well maintained, and the snake is comfortable.

The wrong substrate produces dust, dries out too quickly, and isn’t safe for the snake to ingest. Using poor bedding choice stresses the snake and also causes health issues. If you want the best for your pet serpent, choose one of the fantastic beddings reviewed here. They are simply the best.

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