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By Snaketracks / July 6, 2019

Whether you are hunting or hiking, it is important to be protected from venomous snakebites. Snakebites can prove to be disastrous especially when help is many miles away.

Whether you are exploring the American deserts, woodlands, or deep forests, snake boots will offer much-needed protection. In fact, Antarctica is the only continent void of snakes, and 47 out of 50 states have venomous snakes.

These deadly snakes include copperheads, viper, rattlers and many others. Snake boots don’t offer protection from snakes alone, they also protect you from any other venomous creature that can sting, or bite your lower legs.

However, getting the best snake boots is not as simple as it sounds. There are things to consider when choosing a pair of snake boots such as materials the boots are made of, how comfortable the boots are, how much of your lower legs they cover and many more.

In addition, your personal style will also influence your decision as some boots are designed to be stylish and classy while others re designed to be tactical. Similarly, some snake boots are better suited for hunting, while others are better suited for hiking.

Reviews of the Best Snake Boots of 2019

Here we have reviewed the best snake boots on the market. We are brief in our description and go straight to the point. However, rest assured, only the best and most reliable boots are on our list.

Top 10 Snake Boots

1. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Boot

This pair of hunting boots ensures you have protected from snakes as well as thorns, and any other worrisome elements. It is made of leather, rubber and a synthetic material known as RPM. This makes the boots very light while still durable.

This coupled with its athletic sole makes these boots easy to run and move quickly in. This allows you to move over a large distance without getting tired. In addition, the boots are breathable ensuring your feet are well aerated. The shaft measures 17 inches thus ensuring your lower legs are well protected.

Standout Features

  • 40% lighter than other hunting boots on the market
  • Waterproof
  • Scent-free thanks to the ScentBan technology that rids the boots of odor-causing microbes
  • Lace-up front from toe to top
  • Manufactured using RPM and full-grain leather
  • Durable rubber soles

Why to Buy

  1. The Irish Setter Vaprtrek boots are probably the lightest hunting/hiking boots that offer full and complete protection from snakebites.
  2. They fit snugly and are very comfortable.
  3. A pair of Irish Setter Vaprtrek boots is reasonably priced.
  4. These boots are waterproof and breathable.
  5. They have athletic soles making it easy to move quickly and thread lightly.

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2. LaCrosse Venom Scent Snake Boots

The LaCrosse brand is one of the most trusted names when it comes to quality boots designed for the wilderness. These LaCrosse boots are no exception.

This robust boot will get you through the toughest of terrains and the harshest of weathers. These tightly laced high snake boots will offer you protection from all sorts of venomous snakes. Rightly, it’s called the ‘Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot’.

It is durable and simply impenetrable. It is also camouflaged, making it excellent for hunting. To ensure that the boot fits perfectly, it has laces from the toes to the top.

It also has side zippers that allow you to quickly and efficiently remove the boots after a tiring day. In all, this is our favorite boot. It is safe to say it’s one of the best waterproof snake boots you can get your hands on.

Standout Features

  • Side zipper + Lace-up front from toe to top
  • Removable polyurethane footbed
  • Solid hard rubber sole
  • Manufactured using 1,000 Denier nylon and full-grain leather
  • Shaft measures 18 inches
  • Waterproof and scent-free

Why to Buy

  1. LaCrosse Venom Scent Snake Boots are modestly priced.
  2. They offer total protection from venomous snakes.
  3. They are comfortable.
  4. The zipper feature makes it easy to take off while the laces ensure the boot fit perfectly and snugly.

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3. Chippewa 17″ Vipercloth™ Snake Boots

 If you want to hunt in style then the Chippewa Snake Boots is one to consider. These elegant snake boots will ensure you stand out. In terms of durability, you just can’t beat the Chippewa Boots.

The outer soles are Vibram. The Vibram brand represents quality as this Italian company has been producing quality rubber outsoles since 1937. The boots are pull-on with a zipper at the back.

While they may not fit snugly, they make up for that with super comfortable orthopedic insoles. These insoles will ensure you don’t tire quickly. You can remove or replace these soles if you want to. Each boot also has an adjustable strap just in case you want a better fit.

Standout Features

  • Made with 100% leather and fabric
  • Removable orthopedic insoles
  • Iron Rubber midsole
  • Vibram outersoles
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • Pull-on boots
  • Shaft measures 16.5 inches
  • Durable rubber soles

Why to Buy

  1. The orthopedic insoles are comfortable.
  2. The Chippewa 17″ Vipercloth™ snake boots are exquisitely and expertly made.
  3. The boots are made with top quality materials and workmanship.
  4. Made in the United States.

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4. LaCrosse Men’s Adder Snake Boots

Another great LaCrosse snake boot is the Lacrosse Men’s Adder pair. These boots are designed for hunting. They are pull-on. This makes them easy to get on and to take off.

They have straps at the back so you can better fasten them and ensure they fit perfectly. One distinct advantage possessed by these boots is that they fit wide feet wonderfully unlike other boots.

This boot is scent-free thanks to the waterproof scent dry lining which also obviously keep your feet dry. It is made of durable materials namely leather and 1,000 Denier Nylon – which make up the upper part, and solid hard rubber soles.

Standout Features

  • Pull-on thus Easy to wear and easy to remove
  • Reinforced toe cap
  • Solid hard rubber sole
  • Manufactured using 1,000 Denier nylon and full-grain leather
  • Shaft measures 17 inches
  • Waterproof
  • Scent-free

Why to Buy

  1. The boots are scent-free and waterproof.
  2. They are easy to remove.
  3. They are comfortable.
  4. They have adjustable straps which can be used to tightly fasten the boots.
  5. They are perfect for people with wide feet.

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5. Rocky Men’s Lynx Hunting Boots

The Rocky Lynx hunting boots are also perfect for hiking. Not only are they beautifully made, but also they are comfortable. Their ‘ProLight BioMech’ outsole design means that you can move swiftly in them and on any surface.

Thanks to the laces that go from the base of the foot all the way to knees, the boots will fit you securely. Although the shafts of the Lynx boots are not as high as the shafts of other boots already reviewed, the shaft still measures 15 inches from the arch. This provides more than enough coverage. The full-grain leather trim of these boots looks wonderful.

Standout Features

  • Hard toe and heel cap
  • Lace-up front with D-rings hooks
  • Manufactured using nylon
  • Full-grain leather trim
  • Shaft measures 15 inches from the arch
  • Waterproof
  • 10 shades of camouflage
  • ProLight BioMech synthetic sole

Why to Buy

  1. It has laced up closures which make the boots more snug and comfortable.
  2. They are affordable.
  3. They are perfect for people with wide feet.
  4. They are waterproof.

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Top 6 – 10

6. Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boots
7. LaCrosse Men’s Snake Country Snake Boots
8. Rocky Men’s Great Falls Waterproof Snake Boots
9. Rocky S2V Waterproof Tactical Snake Boots
10. Guide Gear Men’s Leather Snake Boots

Features To Consider

Before selecting a pair of snake boots, there are some factors you need to consider. Considering these will ensure you make the right choice and get boots you won’t regret hiking and hunting in. These factors are also considered in our selection and review process.

The top four features to consider include coverage of the boot (how much of your feet and legs does the boot cover), snake bite proof material (obviously if the boots are meant to prevent snake bites they must be made of snake bite proof materials), comfort fit (the boots must fit comfortably and snugly since you will be in them for long stretches of time), and air circulation (definitely, your feet will sweat, breathable materials ensure your feet are well-aerated).

Air Circulation

Regardless of how protective the snake boots are, you need them to be comfortable on hot days. Great and effective air circulation will help get rid of bad odors resulting from sweat.

The best snake boots for hot weather are made with breathable fabrics that are also water-resistive. This ensures that your feet are dry and comfortable regardless of the terrain or weather.

Comfortable Fit

As already mentioned, the boots have to be comfortable. However, being breathable doesn’t necessary make the boots comfortable. In addition, the boots have to fit perfectly and ergonomically.

This is essential, as you will most likely be in these boots for extended periods of time. Many top brands incorporate comfort in many ways.

Having flexible points is a great way to make the boot flexible and more comfortable. Similarly, the boots can be contoured to snugly fit the feet and the legs. Also, some boots have orthopedic insoles which are very comfortable.


The type of closure used is important when it comes to performance and comfort. As many of you have already guessed, the three common closure types are pull-on, zippers and laces. Each has its advantages.

While zips are easy and fast to close, they can easily get caught in bushes and undergrowth. They can also break. Laces, on the other hand, allow for a custom fit as far the boot matches your foot size. You can lace up the boots tightly, ensuring they fit snugly. Laces are also less likely to be caught in bushes and can easily be replaced if the ends come undone. 

Slip-on snake boots do exist, but they are uncomfortable to hike and walk long distances in because they don’t fit tightly. Many manufacturers solve this problem by including adjustable straps.


In order for a pair of boots to prevent snakebites, it needs to be made with tough materials. The best snake boots from brands such as LaCrosse and Irish Setter are made with a composite of materials such as denim, Kevlar, CORDURA® fabrics, leather, and synthetic weaves. These compositions ensure snake fangs do not penetrate.

Coverage/Height of boots

Ideally, snake boots need to offer as much protection as possible. They need to be high. This ensures that even if the snake strikes high, you will be protected.

The average height of the best snake boots for hunting and hiking is 16 to 18 inches. This allows the boot to cover your entire lower leg. If you accidentally tread on a venomous snake, you will be safe from any retaliation.

Irish Setter 2875 Review


To fully enjoy your outdoor life, it is essential to have the best snake boots. This ensures you are safe from snake bites as well as bites from spiders, and other venomous creatures.

Be sure to keep the factors discussed in mind when choosing the best boots for you. To save you the time and effort, we have done the research and brought you the best snake boots in the world. If you want style, then the Chippewa Snake Boots was crafted for you.

These exquisite boots have Vibram outsoles, orthopedic insoles, and a beautiful leather finish. However, if you want a tactical, comfortable, and quick pair of boots, you should consider the Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots.

The LaCrosse Snake Boots reviewed are waterproof, comfortable and kills bad odor. Whichever boots you choose, rest assured knowing you will be well-protected from all venomous bites to the lower legs.

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