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Snaketracks was created in order to provide free access to quality care sheets and guides for every exotic pet owner including how to guides for their snake, skink, gecko, axolotl, and more.

Exotic Pets

Snake Species

Snake Species

Looking for your snake or to identify another? We have a list of snake species with care sheets.

Tarantula Species

Tarantula Species

See all the different pet tarantula species here and explore their care sheets.

Lizard Species

Lizard Species

Learn how to breed any kind of snake with this in depth step by step snake breeding guide.

Best Exotic Pets


Here you can find out what the local laws are for your reptile, as well as specifically for venomous snakes. Both guides are broken down by different countries, including the US, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Snake Health Issues

How To Guides

Dubia Roach Breeding

Female Dubia Roach measured
Female Dubia Roach measuring 4cm

Ball Pythons

Corn Snake Care

Gecko Care Sheets

Skink Care Sheets